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  1. Hello, I have the Odroid XU4 since january, but a proper installation of Yunohost is impossible... I tried to install Debian Server, but I encounter an error in the reposites.
  2. I confirm, there is a big issue with this update. I restarted my Odroid XU4 yesterday because it was asked to do so after logging on SSH. It isn't working anymore (no blinking blue led anymore). I formatted everything on the eMMC card and installed the new ISO, but it doesn't boot. Can you resolve this issue quickly because it is not very serious...
  3. Hi, I used this one: => Server version.
  4. Hello everybody, I am a new user on this forum : I received the Odroid XU4 this morning and installed Debian on the eMMC card. I booted, and everything is working except the cooling fan: it seems not to start, even when I plug in the adapter before it boots. Is that normal, because even at 66 °c, it doesn't start...