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  1. Hi, Has anyone tried to write SD card or eMMC with armbian image that resides on a PXE server? Thanks
  2. Hi, I have the logs and screenshot now to show it really fails .. Please comment. Thanks EmmcInstall.docx
  3. Hi Igor, Thanks for the reply. The only change is in the profile of emmc. It is slicker. I think the internal architecture of emmc works with your emmc2. 0 driver of latest kernel, versis emmc 1.0 of 3.4.113.
  4. Hi, My applications were running from eMMC when I used Kernel 3.4.113 and Orange Pi PC Plus purchased 6 months back. But on my last week purchase, armbian-config of 3.4.113 does not detect eMMC of Orange Pi PC Plus. I am told by Xunlong to use the latest kernel. This will result in huge development efforts. Are there any patches that can be applied to 3.4.113 to use my same application on latest PCB? Thanks
  5. Should we use Mutex to prevent writing on same file / device by 2 or more threads? Any alternate suggestion? Nbird
  6. Hello, My project does not allow me to use SD card to boot and run my application. I can use SD card as drive to save my data. Is there any alternative way to do so ? Has anyone built a micro rootfs for O-Pi-ZERO NOR Flash ? Does anyone have an idea of the MINIMUM SIZE that is required to do so, if 2MB is too less ? Thanks Nbird.
  7. Hi Newbie, Thanks for your suggestion. Idea is to save the AQ logs to SD card of Pi-Zero. Part of RAM is planned to be used as RAMFS where the application resides and gets executed from there. ( say 128MB) . This may be needed to minimise the SDIO read/write and give max time to SD ONLY to save AQ logs. The Balance RAM ( 512-128) = 384MB be used as Program area. The questions are: a. Can the Kernel and application be transferred to RAMFS on first boot ? b. If yes or No, what can be transferred to RAMFS to give minimum load to SDIO ( SD card) to avoid any crashes due to excessive resources usage. Is there any other way that can be thought of ? Thanks Nbird
  8. Sorry, forgot to add that 16 bytes received from a UART
  9. Hi, I receive 16 bytes every 0.5 seconds. This should be saved as text or as MySQL table data. Need to compare with all existing records , process and display it on 3.5 inch TFT LCD on SPI ( Notro fbtft ) and also save to SD Card . It should be broadcasted to a fixed Ip using TCPIP. Can I use Orange Pi Zero with 512MB Ram ? Can I partition Ram as RAMFS OR TMPFS to do all read only tasks thus save time for slow SD CARD writes ? Can I first copy boot files and my app,tables to Ram and start from Ram ? Any suggestions ? Thanks
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