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  1. Hi, what kernel did you use? Can you upload your dts to pastebin?
  2. You have to update the devicetree blob or fex file with the new capacity and internal resistance of your new battery, then reset the AXP to restart the self-learning process. It will take a couple of cycles for the gauge to become correct again. http://linux-sunxi.org/Fex_Guide#pmu_configuration The two most important ones are pmu_battery_rdc: battery internal resistance in mΩ pmu_battery_cap: battery capacity in mAh There might be other ones you might want to tweak, but you have to keep in mind the overall power budget of the device and the charger/power adapter. Also don't burn down your house :)
  3. What Igor said :-), you can also use an overlay to enable it at run-time. Ayufan just added a script to toggle existing nodes without creating an overlay for each. https://github.com/ayufan-rock64/linux-build/blob/master/package/root/usr/local/sbin/enable_dtoverlay The eth1 interface was disabled by default since it creates issues when there is no magjack mounted on the Rock64 for it, e.g. when you don't have the top-board with the audio DAC, this is also the usual Linux convention for boards with headers.
  4. Radek, I would try and build normal mainline Linux for your board, upstream u-boot/atf/linux are pretty advanced by now...
  5. You have to be aware that the 4.4.x kernel series is the BSP kernel maintained by Rockchip (mostly based on Linaro LTS releases), which is different from mainline Linux with regards to drivers and other patches. RK's upstream for BSP Linux is here: https://github.com/rockchip-linux And you get all the info from: http://opensource.rock-chips.com/wiki_Main_Page Mainline Linux is developed by the community, but RK supports it too with patches: https://patchwork.kernel.org/project/linux-rockchip/list/ You have to decide what kernel you want to run on your board, BSP is generally a bit more complete, for example it has VPU drivers, see status matrix here: http://opensource.rock-chips.com/wiki_Status_Matrix So you can't just patch your 4.4.x codebase up to current mainline, you have to work from the upstream repository...
  6. Do you have the fex files (if BSP Linux/Android )for the custom board or the devicetree (if mainline Linux) file? You can extract the devicetree blob from your custom board's Linux image and use that maybe, what kernel is running on the custom board?
  7. The first thing to do is to compare the schematic of your board to the schematic of whatever board you take as a reference for the image and find out all the differences, then take that board's devicetree file for u-boot and for Linux and update it with all the differences. Most of the time it's power related things that are controlled in a different way and what GPIOs are used for various controls, different pin mux settings for busses that have multiple pinouts etc...
  8. Those are not really video drivers, it's more or less just the glue layer between Cedarx (AW's proprietary video libraries) and the kernel drivers for Android BSP (Linux 3.10.x).... so it's more or less just a reference to look up some things that are not in the documentation (which might be released soon...)
  9. Leapo has started porting RPi.GPIO to Rock64 as R64.GPIO, you can find her work in progress at https://github.com/Leapo/Rock64-R64.GPIO Original thread with instructions/updates is here: https://forum.pine64.org/showthread.php?tid=5902 She also made a more simple tool to work with GPIO: https://github.com/Leapo/Rock64-BashGPIO
  10. There are only contacts on one side of the FFC, so if you plugged them in the wrong way, should still be fine since it's isolated? Did you check if the BPi camera has the same pinout as the Pine64 camera module?
  11. Does anyone know where the sources for the image come from?
  12. Three days left, 2k left to reach the H.265 decoding stretch goal...
  13. I have three of the V3s based LicheePi Zero's and they work ok, V3s mainline u-boot and 4.16.x Linux work out of the box... you can still buy those at the taobao shop page Zepan set up...
  14. Can you post a boot log with earlyprintk enabled? There are about 7 seconds missing from it....
  15. Xalius

    Orange Pi One Plus

    I tried to build that u-boot 2014 release from the BSP too... after fixing the error in the Makefile like you mentioned, I also got stuck on the u-boot build unless I use the specific linaro toolchain contained within that BSP drop, but the scripts are totally broken because they split up the BSP into several repos...
  16. I think the quick and dirty way is to extract the dtb directly form the image (using a hexdump, it's somewhere attatched to the u-boot blob usually) and then just use dtc to change the config...
  17. Philipp Rossak is working on A83T H3 H5 A80 A64 Thermal driver (WIP: Philipp Rossak (embed-3d) wipbranch: sunxi-ths patch v2: contains only a83t and h3) https://lkml.org/lkml/2018/1/28/406 https://github.com/embed-3d/linux/tree/embed-3d/sunxi-ths So once the thermal drive is done, the next step is to implement DVFS operating points and more importantly, cooling devices based on those for safe operation of the SoCs...
  18. You know that the AW Android 7.1 SDK for H6 is available at http://files.pine64.org/os/sdk/H64-ver1.0/H6-Android-7.1-SDK.tgz ? So you can split that off into parts and re-implement the Android platform parts for OPi...
  19. Is your Arduino using 5V levels? If so, you need a level shifter to not damage your Banana PI which uses 3.3V levels...
  20. Can you get a serial log while you do that, or at least run a second SSH connection with "dmesg -w" to maybe capture some error messages?
  21. Which kernel versions are you using at the moment? linux-sunxi is only working on the mainlining of sunxi devices, legacy kernel stuff from the BSP is not supported by them...
  22. Have you installed the NM plugin for mobile broadband? network-manager-pptp and modemmanager?
  23. Does it also crash if you connect the display after booting?
  24. What kind of service do you need to autostart and what distro are you running? Edit: can some mod move this to Peer-to-Peer support maybe?
  25. Xalius


    Does Mali 4xx support OpenCl? I always thought it wasn't available for that series because it doesn't have a compute pipeline?