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  1. Thank you martinayotte, ill try your circuit. And a 10k resistor between IN and gpio PIN indeed solved the problem. The relay works fine now.
  2. I'll y the mofset and the transistor but while waiting for shipping i discovered that the relay i use is triggered with 0V. (Called active low type i guess). But even set to LOW, gpio pins or even ground can trigger the relay and stay triggered (circuit open). So again just for science i tried to add resistors between gpio pin and IN from the relay. And it kindof worked. I have managed to close and open the relay with the script. But i think my resistors was not enough i guess it was not stable. scipt makes 5 tries to open and close the relay it actually works once or twice. Ill try with higher resistors when i get them. But i dont know if there is any better way to solve this problem.
  3. The picture i send is from the sellers website and they used the wrong picture i guess. below is the actual board i use.
  4. Actually no there is only one VCC. And this is the schematic from the website i bought the relay.
  5. Both leds on the relay are always on when all three pins connected. i got the led without relay board to flash as intended for 1 sec on and 1 sec off. Just for science i tried 3.3V for VCC. The script flashed green led on relay on and off and there is even a silent click but it still doesn't do its job.
  6. Grounding the IN results same as the connecting the pin. There is a click sound and green led lights up. No i don't have a multi meter. I connected a led to relay module. When i plug out the IN led lights up. When i connect the IN it lights out. But the code still doesn't do anything.
  7. Yes the same script lights the led when i connect it to PA10.
  8. I am trying to control a relay board on OPI PC plus - armbian. I have used "orangepi_PC_gpio_pyH3" module in python before to control leds, buttons and an 16x2 LCD. This is the relay. To control the Relay module i connected VCC to 5V, GND to ground and IN to PIN 35 (Which is PA10 on my board). and used the code below to open or close the relay just to test but no luck. The code does not return any errors, it runs and finishes but no activity on relay. Both leds (Red and Green) on relay are on when connected. Any help would be appriciated.
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