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  1. I tested a L7805cv and a L78s05cv in TO-220. School was to many years ago. I will try to get a smaller power-supply (6V) or use an other converter. Thank you very much, this is a genius community
  2. hi there, I'm trying to power my NanoPI over a Loudspeaker cable with 12V. At the end I have a 7805 voltage regulator with 100nF at input and output. At the Powersupply i meassure 12V and 200-300mA current. The 7805 gets extremely hot! Anyone seen similar behavior or got me a tip? Sincerely, Twosky2000
  3. Hi there, I want to use my NanoPi in a Walloutlet to controll my Sonos system. My Problem at the moment is that the Nano PI gets really hot (65° Celsius). At the moment i only got a Raspberry Pi Cooling set( Is there a way to get the Board to get to 45° Celsius with no fan? Thanks for the Project, good to see that someone works on these devices to keep them Supported with the newest stuff. Greetings from Switzerland Twosky2000