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  1. Hi, today I tried to install Armbian on my NEO Air board but without any lack. I follow this instruction: I burn image into microSD card and run sunxi-flasher. It found device but after that I get this message: When I click on Ignore or Eject button Etcher can't find my device to flash. I am using macOS Sierra I tried to run file "" in fel-mass-storege folder but then i have this error: Ok I managed that. Firstly I copied sunxi-fel and libusb library to fel-mass-storage folder and
  2. Igor, calhemp, thanks for answers. Today I will check your way to install docker and let you know if it works. I found this image - I will check that also. Thanks again --- @calhemp I tried your solution with install using link and it works
  3. Hi, sorry for my newbie question. What version of Armbian should I use for my Orange PI Lite if I want to use it with Docker (Debian or Ubuntu and what kernel)? After installing Docker on that board can I use Ubuntu 16.04 docker image? Fo my purpose I want to use Ubuntu with Swift runtime Thanks