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  1. Have you made any progress on this issue? Using the same pins and it isn't working, too...
  2. @hmartin and @tkaiser Thank you very much for your replies! I really appreciate your work and your advice. Made my understand the problem more clearly.
  3. Hey guys, I have a lot of performance issues the wifi of the opi zero, too. With the armbian debian release I have experienced an average download speed of 1MBit/s. Get's a bitt better if I get closer to the AP. The nightly build of ubuntu performance slightly better for me, but still not very useful for any application using wifi. Everything else works fine for me, so I would love to have a Orange Pi Zero with improved wifi drivers. Would the very great if you could do this, because I'm not able to do this... So thank you in advance! PS: Is it possible to install your version of the drivers already? (52MBit/s in average seems quite good in comparison)
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