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  1. Super! I am not gonna waste your time anymore. When i got boards and test stuff i will get back with my results and patches hopefully Thank you very much
  2. Hello Zador, Can you confirm that if there is only one USB storage device connected, OPI zero will boot up (assuming everything else is ok - usb flash SPI chip contents and so on) even though if usb stick is NOT connected to OPI Zero USB OTG port. Excuse this silly question but i do not have Zero to test. In general i am preparing set of patches for NanaoPI NEO and M1 + SPI (laying) on socket + SPL boot from usb. Because my project requires the board to boot via USB port the one next to ethernet, i am wandering if some additional change must be made to make this to happen. Otherwise i am making my way with patches and building no problem with that. Thank you very much in advance PS: If there is more than one USB device connected let say One storage and three USB CDC devices (via socket with custom board) can USB bootable port (the one next to ethernet) to be somehow hardcoded inside by default? My guess is that the magic to choose USB port next to ethernet to be "bootable" is related with your comment ------------------------------------------------ You will also need to adjust and recompile the boot script (on the USB FS), at least replacing "mmc" with "usb" in load commands ------------------------------------------ For the moment i know i have to do these two as minimum: I have to add to sun8i-h3-nanopi-neo.dts: &spi0 { status = "okay"; spi-flash@0 { and so on I have to enable SPL in nanopi_neo_defconfig +CONFIG_SPL=y +# CONFIG_SPL_SPI_SUPPORT=y +CONFIG_SPL_SPI_FLASH_SUPPORT=y +CONFIG_SPL_SPI_SUNXI=y Thank you very much in advance
  3. Not really...Unless you use VPN+default route. my ex is there for new year and she is super OK. Her's MAC is connecting to my server UDP high port ovpn and default route is over vpn connection.It seems that china Great FW is not so great at the end. She is surfing like GWF does not exist
  4. Yeah i know but not in Europe. I kicked my ass and found Nanopi Neo from Germany (conrad.de). I know that it is not Pi Zero but for me it is more than enough for a start. So when China gets back to business i will order what i need Just a side question (off-topic) if you live in china... Do you know why friendlyarm is not so popular like orange Pi? I see that aliexpress, alibaba and taobao full with oranges, but when i try to find something from friendlyarm there, it is very hard. And most interesting thing that friendlyarm in above three stores is more expensive compered to prices listed at friendlyarm site. That is complete mystery for me.
  5. Thank you Sir! My samples are on the way and hopefully i will have a new toys to play for my project very soon. Best
  6. Thanks Zador! I see.... this is beyond me and needs and expert touch and a lot of time. I have to live with SD card. Can you or someone else recommend me reliable SD card brand except usual suspects Kingston and Scandisk...Something else? I think i am gonna for NanoPI M1 - 3 usb ports. Offtopic: Is It possible to hack 4th NanoPI M1 USB from OTG to HOST? I saw some comments regarding other boards ....
  7. Thanks zador! That is perfectly fine. i need LAN CPU and 3 USB all the rest will be ripped out from kernel (all useless suff like devices,wifi,audio,video, pop,pppoe, iptables, IPV6, and whatever you can think of) so i think i can handle that by myself with my knowledge. But i am not sure what do you mean with " u-boot.......you can't load anything else from SPI without adding extra patches to the u-boot". Do this patches exist? If yes, where i can find them? If no, can you point me to some similar patches so i can try to adopt something. My programming skills are not brilliant and i will give it a try. but i need something for a start. Thank you very much in advance Best
  8. Hello, Will it be possible to replace stock 2M SPI flash with 8M or 16M (or just solder fresh one) and hold there stripped-down linux distro. My goal is not to use SD card at all. I am thinking that 8M(16) will be enough for armbian kernel u-boot and put openwrt on top. I see a lot of spi related things happenning lately (large transfers patches and so on). Is it possible to achieve that? I saw a lot of comments that this task is doable in theory. What about in practice? Thank you very much in advance