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  1. Success! But where I can find /boot/script.bin?
  2. Hello! I'm using a SinA33 board. In its MMC from the factory is installed Android. I compiled ARMbian for it. ARMbian is loaded from SD. I installed ARMbian in MMC (nand-sata-install) But when I boot from MMC - an error ... P.S. I'm sorry for my English ( P.P.S I wanted to try changing /boot/script.bin, but it's missing... Where can I find it?
  3. How use s_rsb0 as TWI ???
  4. But Orange Pi Zero haven't HDMI connector, and has support for HD video! Where logic!??
  5. But why Orange Pi Zero can't use more resolution, if he can decode and view HD video officially?
  6. How set? height = 480 width <= 800
  7. My english is not good, help please)
  8. I use "sudo h3disp -m 31", but after reboot - black screen or "no signal"...
  9. Please, help! How i can set resolution - 800x480??