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  1. I see, assuming someone needs Mali support for H5, official images are the only way. correct?
  2. @Tido Thanks, already read those, my question are a bit more specific: i already know that Armbian has major improvements over OP images, but if OP-PC2 use Mali450 using a proprietary driver, will that driver be included in Armbian?
  3. Hello, i was wondering, how Armbian images are different compared to official orangepi images available on their webiste? clearly, orangepi official images are not well maintained or regularly updated, but what's armbian policy here? are official images using proprietary drivers that armbian doesn't? for example, mali450 (on H5) for armbian is not available, is it the same on official images? what the difference? avoiding non-free software?
  4. Thanks i guess i need to switch to PC2, which is H5, i couldn't find it under download on armbian, don't you guys support it?
  5. a em, you mean this thing doesn't even have enough 'some kinda' onboard storage for uboot to fit in ?
  6. OK, managed to boot over PXE, now my question is: how can i make this permanent? guess i have to write it using sunxi-fel, not sure how. sounds kinda dangerous
  7. NFS will be read-only, but we actually need boards to be able to temporarily write to it... so, with orange pi pc without sdcard, my only options are either SPI (i guess) and FEL, correct? i can use either of them to start uboot, and starting from that point, i need to figure out a way to make pxe work.
  8. hmm... this is all too much for me as i lack background in how u-boot exactly works, anyone interested in joining and helping out our project? we pay in bitcoin Our goal is to: 1> have total PXE boot on Orange pi PC 2> can not hardcode NFS or TFTP, so it should use nfs, kernel,initrd info from information provided by pxelinux 3> should mount rootfs using aufs
  9. Thanks for the info everyone! so, FEL+NFS is possible, it's good enough. but, is Full PXE is possible as well?
  10. Hello everyone and thank you for wonderful work on Armbian. i was wondering if anyone has any experiences to share on booting orange pi pc over network, i know it's possible to do this using Raspberry pi, but what's the latest status on Orange PI PC? is there a u-boot build capable of doing so? is this even possible?