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  1. Got Armbian up and running on my Zero 2. How's the state of the HDMI output? I can't get any output from it using the test build.
  2. When I try to boot with the Aug 26 2021 build of Buster, I get the following error message back on UART multiple times: No FTD memory address configured. Please configure the FTD address via "ftd addr <address>" command. Aborting! I'm a newbie, so this might be fixable with the proper address being configured in the console by me, but I don't know how that works.
  3. Which version is this? My UART cable still haven't arrived yet...
  4. Is there any way to get an image output out from the board currently? I would like to help with testing at least, but currently I don't have a UART cable, only a monitor with an HDMI input, and an old CRT TV (which would be good if it had a reason to stay with me for at least a bit longer, like for testing ).
  5. Hi, I'm new to this thing, but I did some digging. There's a possibility that the AW859A is either a rebadged UWE5622, or is compatible with it. There's also a reference to a device, that is SC2355. I only managed to find a little info about the UWE5622, and it might have some connections to Unisoc, a yet another Chinese fabless semiconductor maker, but not sure. You can get a bit more info by googling, including the name of some binary file.
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