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  1. Alright thank you :D so I will wait for the next release.
  2. Hello, thanks for the reply. Yes i have the N2+. The original Hardkernal build of android was running with the overclocked 2,4 and 2 GHz without any problem.
  3. Hello, i have the newest Armbian Image for N2+ from Feb 4 2021. ive tried to set the CPU Frequency to 2400 Mhz and 2016 Mhz for the a53 cores. But htop is showing the maximum frequncy of 2,21 Ghz and 1,8 Ghz. Ive set it in the boot ini. I dont know much about linux. Can someone provide me a way how i can set the frequcny to the overclocked 2400 Mhz and 2016Mhz. Thanks in advace.
  4. Thanks a lot. But i am just failing by installing the aml_autoscript. Everytime i try to install it, it failed with wrong footer. Can you descript how you was able to install the autoscript?
  5. @botik60 Was you been able to boot your device?? I have the exact same unit and i never was been able to boot this :(
  6. First i have installed the universal multiboot zip with the updater app, then i deleted the SD Card and copied with HDDRawcopie this file to the SD Card (Armbian_5.24_Vegas812_Ubuntu_xenial_3.10.99_desktop_20170120.img.xz), deleted the and copied the (meson8_k200b_1G_emmc_sdio.dtb) to the root of the SD and renamed it to dtb.img. Inserted the SD Card and tried to start. But after the Play TV Logo it crashed first with a white-dotted Screen and then Blackscreen an nothing happened. It is a Obosmart S82 TV Box. Is it possible with this box? Sry for my English
  7. Hello For me it is not working on a s802. I did itlike in the post on Freaktab, choosed the which is included in the image, then the system was rebooting and crashed after the PlayTV screen with a white screen, and nothing happends. Reboot with the sd card, only if i remove the sd card, it is rebooting in android.