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  1. Guys I'm trying to install ubuntu 18.04 server on Tanix TX3 mini but I don't have a usb keyboard to login, so right now I'm stuck in the login console, how do I login and connect to my wifi automatically on boot ? Check out the screenshot below
  2. Browsing the web with chromium on ubuntu mate is really slow, opening a few tabs will put the CPU at 100%, I can't even watch youtube videos without lags at full screen 720p, is it just me ? I'm using Tanix TX3 Mini with S905W processor. Is it the problem with the CPU power being too little or is it because the CPU is just too hot that it can't make use of its full CPU performance ?
  3. Hi balbes, can you tell me what packages are required to run kodi on the ubuntu server image ? and is there any additional configurations I have to do to make it run flawlessly ? I know you already uploaded arch with kodi but I want to learn how to install kodi on the server image myself. No desktop environment, just a minimal setup for kodi. I know there's LibreELEC already but it's too limited, I can't install additional packages on it. Thank you.
  4. Someone already committed this to the lede source code: linux: add support for AmLogic S9 SoCs But we'll have to wait until the master branch is updated to kernel 4.14 before it's submitted for review
  5. Just wondering, Is anyone interested in building OpenWrt for S905 ? Or does anyone know how to build openwrt on S905 ? If I knew how I'd build it myself.
  6. Right now I have Tanix TX3 mini (S905W) I'm thinking of upgrading to X92 if there's a noticeable performance increase on that SoC
  7. I don't think there will be a noticeable performance increase when upgrading to S905X
  8. Okay I'll try using the dtb.img from the armbian ubuntu mate image on archlinux and see how it'll go, I'll give you a report later. Is there a noticeable performance increase when upgrading from S905W to S912 when using the armbian desktop ? There's 11.11 discount promo on aliexpress and I'm interested in X92 tv box
  9. Unlike other images, the ethernet on S9xxx_ArchLinux_20170914_3_14_29_KODI.img.xz is disabled, I can't ssh into it when I plug in my ethernet cable from my router to my tv box. Which file do I have to edit to enable it ? Anyway can someone recommend me a good tv box to use armbian on ? I want a box that is at least good for browsing the internet with chromium and watching movies at 720p. The one I have right now (tanix tx3 mini) is slow doing both of those tasks.
  10. Thank you for the info, I'm still suspecting that my SD card slows down the ubuntu distro. It happened when I had LibreELEC installed on the SD card as well, now that LibreELEC is installed in the internal memory the lag is gone. Anyway I'd like to copy the remote.conf from LibreELEC to Ubuntu so that I can use my remote on kodi running on ubuntu, do you know where I can find that file in LibreELEC ? I searched in /storage/ and it's not there. One more thing I'd like to ask (sorry for asking a lot) how do I auto start kodi on boot ?so that when I turn on my tv box it shows kodi automatically
  11. Mine is S905W, I have installed the kodi.deb that you provided in the first post, but the performance isn't good, probably because it's installed on my SD card instead of the internal storage. Do you plan on compiling kodi 17.5 ? yours is still 17.3 right now.
  12. Thanks it works, but on your first post you wrote 720h60hz instead of 720p60hz. I suppose that's a typo ? Anyway is it possible to dual boot the internal storage? I mean I wanna install LibreELEC to the first partition of the internal storage and Armbian to the second partition of the internal storage and then I can just choose which one I wanna use on boot, just like PC. Is it possible to do that ? Armbian running on my SD card is really slow and I don't wanna get rid of LibreELEC installed in the internal storage.
  13. Thanks it works, I still want to test the desktop first before whether I should decide to buy a keyboard or not, my TV is only HD but ubuntu mate is in Full HD so it looks zoomed in too much, how do I set the resolution to HD 1366x768 so that it fits my tv perfectly ?
  14. I'm using the ubuntu mate image in this thread but I can't get past the login screen since I don't have a USB keyboard to be attached to my tv box. How do I auto login to the main screen ? I've tried adding this option to /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf but still doesn't work: [Seat:*] autologin-user=tanix autologin-user-timeout=0 user-session=ubuntu keyboard=onboard # Uncomment the following, if running Unity #greeter-session=unity-greeter tanix is the username I created during the first boot
  15. Guys does kodi in this armbian distro run as good as kodi on LibreELEC ? I mean can it make use of the hardware acceleration just like LibreELEC ? LibreELEC is too limited for my needs, I need to install a few CLI based programs, I'm thinking of installing the server version of armbian
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