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  1. Ok, so before performance config it looks like; After performance testing: so yes , its much more faster =)
  2. ty /dev/sda 932G 17M 930G 1% /mnt Hmm some performance testing from PC2 on two hdd 500 GB usb3 connected to usb2 1. 400 MB file read & write 2. 1000 MB file 3. 5000 MB file
  3. Hym i have also problem with "file system" i cant create raid from two hdd;s: Hymm maybe someone will know how to fix it
  4. Ok i do some performance check with copper plate ~30/30 mm and some small radiator ... Now i need to think how to put there 40x40x30 mm radiator After half hour with old cpu fan for lga 775
  5. Hymm it can be true... But i'm dowloading to external HDD (which have own power supply 12v), but it can take also some power from usb... Can you recmomend good power supply ?
  6. Hym its 3Ampers so i think that is enought.. i have one more problem i'm using pc2 for seedbox (downloading torrents via rtorrent) Its rly good performance but after some time pi is rebooting... temp are good i think because there is no more than 50 Celsius..
  7. Hello I installed today image version: Armbian_5.24.170129 (CLI version) Image starting fine but after some time i'm unable to login via ssh and hdmi showing something like this: Any ideas? Its on sandisk card class 10.. (brand new ) but kingston (used for 1,5 y)card also class 10 warking fine,