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  1. Thank you Werner, I will do some research on "serial console" and get back to you. Leco
  2. Hello everyone, First of all, thank you all for making ARM accessible! I have a RockPro64 that only boot legacy kernels... I couldn't find anything specific about it online. Is this something to do with the SPI chip? Do I have to update it with the procedure listed here? https://github.com/ayufan-rock64/linux-build/blob/master/recipes/flash-spi.md Any tip would be really welcome, I tried most of the ROCKPRO64 images and nothing... only kernel 4.x boot, SD or emmc, no difference. Bellow is one of the error messages I get... the screen flashes different colors and the system halts. Different images, different behaviors... usually it just flash colors. (Warning... Bad CRC) is this CRC about the SPI firmware? It's not the emmc or SD. I tried different ones and it just doesn't work for mainline kernels. No HDMI output and I won't see an new IP on my network. I tried it without the HDMI cable too.. nothing. Thank you for any assistance!
  3. Well, I am still on my search for a solution... Thank you all that at least read my post. I wonder what Armbian does next after detecting the wifi chip ID. brcmfmac: F1 signature read @0x18000000=0x16024335 Does it read a configuration file that points it to the right pair of brcmf_sdio_XXXX.bin and brcmf_sdio_XXXX.txt ? Is there any documentation anywhere about the steps the kernel takes to load the drivers? I don't understand how the chip id link to the correct driver in /lib/firmware/brcm folder. Thank you community Leco.
  4. Hello everyone, I am not having any luck with the wifi on the H96 Max X3. I see posts saying the wifi on this box work with meson-sm1-sei610-ethfix.dtb / meson-sm1-H96max-X3.dtb or h96max-x2-test-bus80-gpu-volt.dtb but they are not working for me. I did put the BCM4335C0.hcd in /lib/firmware/brcm and the driver apparently loaded. Everything else seems to be working ok. A few posts mentioned it works with kernel 5.6rc1 and 5.7 but I couldn't find those images. I tried all the images Mr. Balbes have on https://users.armbian.com/balbes150/arm-64/ and I also tried installing the headers. It works fine with Emulec and Android. I see this message below.. (brcmf_chip_cores_check: CPU core not detected) is this the reason wifi is dead? dmesg brcmfmac and these are the files in /lib/firmware/brcm If anyone can give me a hint... it would be amazing Thank you, Leco