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  1. Is there a way to run netflix yet? Does Chromium run well and able to run netflix? Appears this doesn't matter, because Chromium doesn't work with netflix anymore... Does anyone know if chromium OS works well with OPi PC otherwise? Basically I want it to work for netflix, I also want to connect it to a printer, and the ability to run NordVPN and a torrent client would be a bonus as well.
  2. Do I do gpkg -i -R ~/path/libvdpau-sunxi1_0.5.1-armbian5.25+1_armhf.deb To install it?
  3. Could somebody explain what's going on with this? Will this fix be included in some update? Can I manually fix this issue by replacing old code with this code?
  4. Is there any alternative player that works?
  5. The old 0.14.0 version doesn't work well with subtitles, ending up with subtitles drawing on top of each others, when the text is moving fast. Is there any build I could download and install? Or some other workaround? Edit: Kodi draws the subtitles correctly, but it has pretty awful screen tearing. Using black bloxes instead of just some outline on the subtitles does work, but it's not an acceptable fix to me. So, it would be great it was possible to use whatever kodi uses to draw the subtitles, but then use mpv to draw the video.