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  1. Hi, okay, so far, it's clear. But am I wrong: If I write the Armbian Image to an eMMC, there I found a FAT boot-partition. If that cannot run on XU4 with eMMC, how to install the nand-sata-install? I looked at the Github from Igor Pecnovik for the nand-sata-install.sh. But at the moment, this is a closed book to me. I've forgott to say, I'm really a newbie on working with Linux and Odroids . What I want, a running Armbian with installed OMV 3.0.xx. BEfore, I used a RasPi 3, but I want to have the extras of USB3 and GB-Lan. For That reason, at the moment, there is only an Odroid XU4.
  2. HI, thanks for that Info. I'm wondering, because Jessie-Image: Armbian_5.14_Odroidxu4_Debian_jessie_3.10.102 is running perfectly on my eMMC, without any modifications. The problems are completely new since Version: Armbian_5.25_Odroidxu4_Debian_jessie_default_3.10.104. What are the differences between these two versions?
  3. Hi, I've tried Legacy 3.10.104 (Debian Jessie & Ubuntu) and also mainline 4.9.7 Ubuntu). Tried to start with connected HDMI-Monitor and mouse/keyboard. Not via SSH or something else. If I put the eMMC in, the screen doesn't show anything. Nothing happens with the XU4. With SD-card, anything runs well. Older Images are running from eMMC without any problems.
  4. Dear all, thanks for the work of you, to provide us with the Armbian Images for our arm-based boards. BUt i've a small issue, starting the last Image for Odroid XU4. If I write the Image to a SD-Card and start the XU4, all Things run well. When I write the Image to my eMMC-Card (original Hardkernel, 64GB), the XU4 doesn't start. Normally, it's not such a big Problem, but there is a massive speedup, using eMMC with XU4. How can I get Armbian startet, installed on an eMMC? Many thanks for your Support, Burkhard
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