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  1. Hi Igor and everyone else who is supporting this forum with their time and effort. Thanks in advance for reading this and giving it a thought! Question: Any idea where I could turn off mounting /dev/sda1 read only? Problem description: Before moving cubietruck to a new location I did an dist-upgrade, after that a reboot didn't work. First I was asked for debug and root password. After editing I did try to solve my problems without using your help. But I did not succeed yet. Neither with installing a new image and restoring my lamp-stack from backup nor with solutions I found in this forum (changing u-boot config and so on). I did backup sd-card(16GB) and ssd(112GB) with rsync -aAhHXv to an external ext4 backup-harddrive, right after my cubietruck stopped booting. with sudo mount -o remount,rw /dev/sda1 / I can remount rw and start apache2, which doesn't start if /dev/sda1 ist mounted read only (ro) and prints an error AH000015, because it obviously can't write into in /var/log/apache2. So my 1st goal is to mount /dev/sda1 rw. I already deleted remount on error ro in fstab, but that didn't help. My problem seems to be, that even though sd-card and ssd came through an external test on another Ubuntu-PC sudo fsck.ext4 -v -f -c /dev/sdx1 without problems, my cubietruck boots only readonly. https://pastebin.com/2p3udhMu, https://pastebin.com/fJfH3Pce armbianmonitor -u https://pastebin.com/gdwdtU9k "Bad CRC" on system start This is the 1st error-message I see. It could be the source of my problems. How should I remove it? dmesg --level=err,warn|less https://pastebin.com/HaAJ73NT uname -a Linux cubietruchostname 4.11.6-sunxi #6 SMP Fri Jun 23 19:56:18 CEST 2017 armv7l armv7l armv7l GNU/Linux boot https://pastebin.com/5b4zBe26 /boot# less armbianEnv.txt verbosity=7 console=both disp_mode=1920x1080p60 rootdev=UUID=9e95b6ee-7600-4b79-8c96-4ba27d15e063 rootfstype= lmgtfy websearch - connected postings
  2. Thank you for reading this: Mission:upgrade a remote cubietruck without bricking it over ssh from WAN. QuestionIs there some kind of tutorial on how to upgrade from 14.04 LTS to 16.04 LTS? I didn't find it yet. By the way the desktop version is quite stable. Great job! Question2What I am looking for though is, how do I remove the x-server? I thought I could use the raspberry pi teamviewer version, but that didn't work out due to some protocol problem. Therefor I could use all the RAM for docker/apache/mariadb Thank you! With kind regards Hans
  3. Thanks again Igor, this time for your fast reply. Etcher installed in Ubuntu didn't show the SD card. Trying to use etcher using a virtualized win7 hangs at >>starting...<< Next approach: change of computers. Now I am using: ---------- OS: Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS x86_64 Model: 23923RG ThinkPad T530 Kernel: 4.4.0-62-generic Uptime: 22 minutes Packages: 4308 Shell: bash 4.3.46 Resolution: 1600x900 DE: Xfce WM: Xfwm4 WM Theme: Default Theme: Raleigh [GTK2], Breeze [GTK3] Icons: Elementary-xfce-dark [GTK2], Breeze [GTK3] Terminal: x-terminal-emul CPU: Intel i5-3210M (4) @ 3.1GHz GPU: Intel Integrated Graphics GPU: NVIDIA NVS 5400M Memory: 3149MiB / 15772MiB with a built in sd card reader... It seems to work now... I'll keep you posted Armbian_5.25_Cubietruck_Ubuntu_xenial_next_4.9.7_desktop.img works Is there a changelog to what I am missing not using the compiled versions? Thank you!
  4. Hi all, special thanks to Igor for his work and all who are involved, thank you for reading this, THE MISSION:I am trying to install Armbian 5.25 Cubietruck Ubuntu xenial onto a cubietruck v1.0-0606. THE SITUATION:My computer I am creating the SD-Card from is: First I tried to copy Armbian_5.25_Cubietruck_Ubuntu_xenial_next_4.9.7_desktop.img then I copied root root 2946498560 Feb 5 12:04 Armbian_5.25_Cubietruck_Ubuntu_xenial_dev_4.10.0_desktop.img root root 2942304256 Feb 5 02:43 Armbian_5.25_Cubietruck_Ubuntu_xenial_next_4.9.8_desktop.img sudo dd bs=1M if=Armbian_5.25_Cubietruck_Ubuntu_xenial_dev_4.10.0_desktop.img of=/dev/sde sync My cardreader is a Bus 002 Device 009: ID 058f:6362 Alcor Micro Corp. Flash Card Reader/Writer My SD-Card is a micro SD-Card SanDisk Ultra 16GB with an SD-Card-Adapter THE OBSTACLEThe message I get is: *** Warning - bad CRC, using default environment Then the cubitruck tries to boot from pxe. THANKS What am I doing wrong. Thank you for your input! with kind regards Hans