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  1. http://odroid.com/dokuwiki/doku.php?id=en:c1_hardware this says the C1/C2 are 3V3 logic on the Serial, so no problems in blowing it with a standard PL2303 cable. You are correct tho that other ODROID are 1V8 tho.
  2. I'll try the build in the morning on my C1+, btw the I just read on the git page for this build that you cant use serial because of the "special" socket, I just use a standard PL2303 with the 4 wires and jam them on the pins (minus red) lol, works fine, the pin outs are listed on the hardkernel site. BTW I too also have a C2 board.
  3. Hiya I just received a free Roseapple Pi board and seeing as it uses the same SoC as the LeMaker Guitar was wondering if there could their be an Armbian build for it please? Many Thanks Lemonzest
  4. module ap6210 now loads and iwconfig shows I have wlan0 available now. I would be happy to test newer kernels for this hardware if you wish?
  5. Just tried the same image on my actual LeMaker Banana Pro (black board yellow ports) and still cannot enable wifi. any help please?
  6. Hiya, I'm attempting to use Wifi on the Banana Pi M1Plus board, supposed to be a Banana Pro clone from SinoVoip, but I cannot get the wifi module working with the latest Armbian 4.5, Jessie kernel 3.4.109. I have already linked script.bin to the /boot/bin/bananapro.bin file I try loading the ap6210 module and it gives errors. root@bananapi:~# modprobe ap6210 <3>[ap6210] parse wifi_used failed in script.fex. <3>[ap6210] bluetooth is disable in script.fex. <3>[ap6210] [dhd_module_init] get wl_host_wake gpio failed modprobe: ERROR: could not insert 'ap6210': Operation not permitted Thankyou for any help Lemonzest