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  1. Thanks for your help, I will give a try.
  2. Hello, I need RS485 half-duplex too. I applied the patch, but behaviour is the same. RTS goes down when transmition started ang goes up only when application closed. Maybe I missed how to turn ON the emulation mode? Any advice please thanks
  3. yes, this works. Now I'm able to play with the patches. Thank you for help.
  4. I run ./ KERNELBRANCH="tag:v5.4.28" but looks like the option is ignored and 5.4.32 downloaded. Any advice?
  5. the same about "current" version - Armbian 5.4.32 and the latest RT patch 5.4.28 Please any advice how to rollback Armbian kernel? Maybe some archive with 4.19.106 (or 5.4.28) kernel with Armbian patches?
  6. Thanks for reply. I've done RT kernel 3 years ago, works fine for me, but now found a bug with RTS/CTS for H3 uart and need to update. I see the latest RT patches 4.19.106, but Armbian uses 4.19.115. Is any way to roll back Armbian to 4.19.106 ? I'm going to check "current" branch now.
  7. Hi there. I remember there were "disabled" RT patch included. Did you remove it from the package?
  8. Hi, do you have any progress on Rock64?
  9. Hi, thanks for the message. I tried and have got - sudo ./cyclictest -p 80 -t5 -n # /dev/cpu_dma_latency set to 0us policy: fifo: loadavg: 1.39 3.37 1.95 1/143 1871 T: 0 ( 1857) P:80 I:1000 C: 5309 Min: 12 Act: 17 Avg: 59 Max: 1987 T: 1 ( 1858) P:80 I:1500 C: 3560 Min: 12 Act: 18 Avg: 67 Max: 2705 T: 2 ( 1859) P:80 I:2000 C: 2673 Min: 13 Act: 25 Avg: 75 Max: 3456 T: 3 ( 1860) P:80 I:2500 C: 2140 Min: 13 Act: 21 Avg: 68 Max: 2712 T: 4 ( 1861) P:80 I:3000 C: 1784 Min: 13 Act: 25 Avg:
  10. Hi, i tested my application with mainline kernel and found RT mode does not work properly. Looks like RT features are not enabled despite on correct "uname -a" output. Right now i'm waiting next Armbian release in hope Armbian team have got solution. Legacy kernel RT works fine, but SPI driver is not suitable for me. Any advice very appreciated since i've passed deadline quite long ago
  11. Hi, do you plan to add Desktop images for Rock64 ? Anyway thanks for your great job. Armbian is wonderful!
  12. After I learned how to setup armbian script config - it's all done almost automatically.
  13. I've managed to patch armbian kernel. At first glance looks ok, need to do more tests. I haven't work with Linux RT before Linux nanopineo 4.11.12-rt13-sun8i #5 SMP PREEMPT RT Sun Sep 10 20:19:58 CDT 2017 armv7l armv7l armv7l GNU/Linux
  14. Hi all, i use SPI to connect Nanopi-Zero with FPGA on my board. Mainline kernel SPI driver works much better for me, but I still have some critical lags in SPI communications. Is RT patch available for mainline linux (i have 4.11.9-sun8i) ? thank you.
  15. Hello, i need to try RT Linux on Nano-Pi Zero asap. What is current status ? Can I try ?