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  1. I have this half duplex issue, too. with autoneg off i can set it for some seconds to full, but then it falls back to 10(!) half duplex.
  2. Hi, I used to run a RPi3 as a VPN and DNS-Server (PiHole) and it worked like a charm. Since the RPI3 is a bit oversized for this work I bought a NanoPi Neo 512MB and installed armbian Ubuntu 4.9.x, but I have some issues with it: - eth0 is only connected by 100/half duplex. I can set it manually to full duplex with autoneg off, but after a few secondes it falls back to 10(!) half duplex. with autoneg on it comes back to 100 half duplex (the amber led is off; cable and switch are ok) - the MAC-Adress is changing every reboot. I have to fix it manually - I can set up Pihole to use the