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  1. First of all, it was introduced in the forum (http://www.diyaudio.com/forums/pc-based/285427-i2s-connection-orange-dac.html) that made it possible to listen to high reso music on i2S output on OrangePi PC It was done. It was a report that introduced Logitech Media Server (LMS) + Squeezelite to OrangePi PC. That image was perfect. However, the Volumio that was introduced later on another forum (http: //www.orangepi....wthread&tid=191) was incomplete and did not work.
  2. Thanks Da Alchemist, good advice. I would like to try out the Multichannel HDMI function. However, the reason I asked the question is that the output of the mini board thinks i2s output is high quality sound. Raspberry pie has excellent software such as Volumino, Runeaudio, Moode Audio. All of them can output i2s. However, these software does not support OrangePi. On the other hand, PC Audio has excellent software such as foobar, Jplay, JRiver Media Center (JMC). PC Audio needs combo 384 etc DDC to output USB output i2s. Recently, I was able to introduce JMC for Raspberry to OrangePi PC - Armbian_Debian. Of course, the output is i 2 s. The scheme is as follows. FLAC file(96 Hz / 24 bit) - OrangePi PC (Armbian_Debian - JMC - PCM 192 Hz / 32 bit i 2 s) - AK 4321 substrate (upsampling to DSD 512) - AK 4497 ​​DAC - AMP - SP The sound that is output is the excellent!! I am grateful to those who develop Armbian software.
  3. How can I set i2s function on OrangiPi PC2 (H5) - Armbian_Ubuntu?
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