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  1. I agree with you on the principle: there is lot of effort going into lots of distro, if they were focused only on one sure we'll have a really fine tuned system. Unfortunately with Volumio we use a very peculiar mounting mechanism (squashfs + overlayfs) and we based the whole partitioning on that. I fear that just an override script won't be enough to customize armbian enough. In any case I'll give a try. I understand you are against reinventing the wheel, and I agree on this, but some practical reasons and peculiarity of all distros are a showstopper for a "universal" OS, IMHO
  2. Hi, we've designed Volumio to be easily ported to other platforms. You can see our build scripts here: https://github.com/volumio/Build You can take inspiration from the build script for Odroid for example: https://github.com/volumio/Build/blob/master/scripts/odroidc1config.sh https://github.com/volumio/Build/blob/master/scripts/odroidc1image.sh Simply copy them as orangepiconfig.sh and orangepiimage.sh and modify them accordingly, once done add the references to : https://github.com/volumio/Build/blob/master/build.sh If you need some assistance, jump on our forum where we can give assistance if needed https://volumio.org/forum/ Let me know how it goes
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