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  1. I did this with things I had at home, I had a night of 12 leftovers, put to 5v and nothing is heard. And so I cooled an SSD which is where I have Armbian installed. Cut with the dremel and I put a dust filter. And this Q912 does not get too hot anymore (I think the metal housing acts as a heatsink), so it's cool.
  2. For the S912 = Mali T820 this is but you have to implement it https://developer.arm.com/products/software/mali-drivers/midgard-kernel
  3. Great work balbes150, currently using 4.20.2 5.71 S912 and I work everything except the BT in a Qintaix Q912 3G, with an external BT solved. With the 5.0 kernel I did not activate the Swap and therefore not the Zram, I realized by modifying it to activate it for the 8 cores and upload the values to 75 = 1.5 g of ram. I repeat great job balbes150. PS: I found this regarding panfrost HERE
  4. Testing version 5 and at the moment it works well on a pendriver. balbes150 is there any way to force the hdmi? , it happens to me with version 4 x and 5, I get into dvi with 1024 maximum resolution, but I turn off the monitor and turn it on and it enters hdmi with the cut image and it lets me configure 1920, but if I turn off the monitor or restart returns the signal to dvi (I guess it's monitor thing). Any idea is appreciated. Greetings and great work.
  5. The first great thing @balbes150 Quintaix Q912 , S912 , 3g , 32 rom , in the pendriver SankDisk Ultra 32g , proved in the microsd samsung evo 64 and SSD 60g kingston. 3.14.29 dtb specific q912_otg.dtb = all work hdmi 1080p 4.19.7 and 4.20.0 meson-gxm-q200.dtb = bluetooth no work , I started in dvi mode instead of hdmi, and it's weird since I turn off and turn on the monitor and it goes into hdmi mode, and tried everything that occurred to me but nothing worked (if someone has any ideas?). It is a 24 p full hd tv, but even stranger than on the TV in the living room if it works correctly. In the version 4.21 of the kernel there are changes in the hdmi to see if I am lucky, otherwise I will have to continue with the 3.14.29 that goes phenomenal.
  6. Thanks @ pel.hu, also tested OpenElec and running on Q912, with @ balbes150 Q912_otg.dbt. By the way I have the beta of day 3 and I was without the wifi. I imagine that to prove by the descent of yield that some contributed in the 905, in 912 I did not to it and noticed in no time. Not high temperatures, the Q912's body is made of metal and I guess that helps. This version is installed on an external SSD OCZ 120g SATA 3 and works, the Trim function is not available, but I have done this. rotational last post only change valor at 0 Greetings and thanks.
  7. Yesterday entangled and trying things I loaded . I gave it to try to install it on a SSD Corsair 32g external Sata 2 gives me better data in reading and writing than the usb pendriver 3.0 USB and it works without problem in Q912 , in case anyone is interested. A greeting.
  8. EDIT With this in Q912 and got the sound to work by the jack and by hdmi, in the thread explains it. https://forum.armbian.com/index.php/topic/1960-guide-configuring-orange-pi-pc-for-analog-line-out-jack-audio-output-and-simultaneous-hdmi-output-with-software-mixing/
  9. Ok in the configuration there is nothing that activates it, I will see if I find something about it. Thank you and greetings.
  10. I gave him no, I'm not very clear what it is. @ Balbes150 you could watch the sound output of the Jack, I connected external speakers and does not output the sound by Aux. For HDMI, it outputs the sound without problem.
  11. Tested on Q912 and the network works, (the sound has not yet been tested), the video plays well. Edit: Sound works. Thank you and greetings.
  12. I have taken a while and tried all the .dtb and with the only one that pulls me is with the H96 PLUS, with the others I get for stop kernel, the included Q912 and VegaS96. With the H96 PLUS in addition to what you already mentioned, @balbes150 does not work with the network card, the sound and the video is as if it stuck. If we can help you in anything we will be happy, even if I only compile roms and kernel for SD and MTk and I think it has little to see. Thank you very much and greetings.
  13. Thanks, I do not go internet, nor wifi. But already it starts that is already very much @balbes150 . A greeting.
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