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  1. In most of the tutorials I tried, wlan0 and eth0 were edited in the /etc/network/ interfaces file, and the network manager does not mess with the interfaces that are configured in the file. Almost all the tutorials I tried did this, all the commands worked, but in the end something was wrong ... Most of the time the wifi did not connect, but when I connected, my other computer connected to the eth0 of OPIZero could not find an IP, and even if I put it manually, there was no internet.
  2. I'm not too worried about quality or speed, I just need this to work ... I read some topics about OpenWRT in Pi Zero, it should work, but the other things I plan to do will not work well with openwrt ...
  3. Almost all of the tutorials I followed used wpa_supplicant, I tried each one of them, but I could not get it to work. At first, I thought it did not work because the network manager was conflicting with wpa_supplicant, but then I read that when you edit some interface in the / etc / network / interfaces file, the network manager ignores that interface. I tried many ways, with passphrase in all places where it was possible, but it simply did not work. The brige was one of my first attempts, but it did not work either. It's my second day trying this, I'm so tired, I'm still looking, but I will not try anything that nobody is sure is working ... Thank you tkaiser
  4. Hello everyone I just bought an orange pi zero (512mb) and installed ubuntu xenial ... I was able to connect to my wifi AP using nmtui, and now I am trying to "share" the internet with any device that is connected in eth0 ... I followed many tutorials and read several threads, but without success. My settings are defaults, I installed ubuntu xenial, just gave apt-get update and upgrade I would be grateful if anyone could help me ... thank you.