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  1. Sparked my curiosity here. So you are powering the orangepi zero plus2 into gipo (pins 1 and 2?) directly from an orange pi zero's gipo? I didn't think they could take that much current without burning up. Would be good to know. I can try a different approach to what I was planning. Thanks
  2. Worked first try with armbian from the u-boot window I'll play around but that covers the issue that started the post.
  3. Alright, So UART got me to the terminal (Thanks for pushing me to it!)and I got some really good help from the aliexpress team by being on the nightshift for work. With TTL: First I tried no SD card which just gave me a bunch of unusable stuff. Next I tried with a burnt SD card (this was a flavor from there site since the armbian didnt work before). Nothing, no output on terminal. No power LED After that I figured why not try an SD card thats just been formatted (Empyt). That way I could see if it would at least turn on if an SD card was in there, and also n
  4. I spent a good 45 minutes looking everywhere for what I thought might be a USB to TTL. Finally gave up and came back to do some work. I looked in the drawer at my desk and I found what I was looking for and I saw my arduino pro-mini with its programmer attached. That's when it clicked.. THIS was a usb to serial. (DOH) 5V's though... Flipped it over and its both! I found what I was looking for but its PIC programmer. Not sure if it would work for this. I'll report back if I get some answers when I get the board connected to serial This is something I
  5. Haha Okay.. No blue smoke didnt get that far. I guess I'll have to figure it out, or buy one. Thanks again!
  6. The arduino wouldn't handle 5v from the Pi you mean? If that's the case I have a 5v clone I might be able to use. Save me 10 bucks. EDIT: I'll use my multimeter to be safe and find out voltage for both. I'll give it a try. Thanks for the help.
  7. Oh and the image I used was the one on the page for this board:https://www.armbian.com/orange-pi-zero-2-h5/
  8. My power supply is also from amazon But again it works fine under load from the Pi and the opi zero plus 2 h3 (these names are annoying to type out). But I may be able to source a different psu if you really think that's it. No power with SD but power without : Is that a common issue for weak/bad PSU? Yes, followed the guide up to burning with etcher and putting it in the opi. But no power so not much I can do. Well I just went rummaging around for one I had but I can't find it. I do have ample supply of arduino boards so I can use one of
  9. Hi, thanks for the reply. After your post I downloaded H2testw and there were no issues. It's from amazon so it is a legitimate card. Cards good for sure thanks to the test. For power Ive tried my PSU from my Pi3, its rated at 2 amps. I've also tried my powered 3.0 usb hub rated at 2.4amps.
  10. Hello, Just received this board and I can't get it to turn on if the SD card is present. I've tried several cards and I know them to be good (Samsung Evo 32GB). Any ideas?
  11. Thanks! Switched power supply and its working fine.
  12. Howdy, I set up a new OrangePi Zero with the Legacy 3.4.113 Ubuntu Xenial. I was able to get wifi working however when I try to do a sudo-apt get update or upgrade it freezes and crashes. I am using a 32gb Samsung Evo. Cpu temp is hovering around 57 C with no load. Any tips besides reinstalling the image?