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  1. @hojnikb You think that problem must be in sd card/adapter/reader something while burning image? There is no way to overrun that login issue while burning image with other program, other then Etcher?
  2. @tkaiser Talk much, says little... @hojnikb Did at your suggestion. Get the same. It could be the card, but it's brand new. Laptop has card reader and it is not old one. With Etcher the same. With that "fooling" software i started Debian and Ubuntu. So i guess it's ok. PSU obviously makes me problem with Android. I have 2A and 2.5A, but it restarts. Maybe PSU is guilty for Armbian failure.
  3. As a few guys above... I downloaded nightly desktop 4.10.0, unzipped it with 7zip, tried to flash it with Etcher, but get error. Tried to copy error massage, but can not be copied. If there is log file, please tell me,i will post it here. After that attempt with Etcher, i tried it with Win32diskimager and made Armbian image. But on boot i can't log in with root and 1234. Win 10, card is samsung evo+ class 10, with card adapter i get with the sd card. Opi PC2. Any help would be nice.
  4. Since my board is on it's way, and as i am new in all this, i would like to know what touch display (3.5-5 inches) would you recommend? Some points to tutorials would be nice.