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  1. As suggested.... FOR BETTER VIDEO PLAYBACK... Will move to Ubuntu .... thanks balbes150,
  2. Well .. latest debian xfce. And is working. The media player hung immediately. Had to pull power plug to shutdown. Apt-get remove --purge mpv. Apt-get install vlc.. about to see if that works for me.. hope for success ...
  3. wow, yandisk still not working? did anyone mirror the builds? i want to get the new one from dir/TEST debian with desktop.any help plz?
  4. So is it me or is this link not working???
  5. ATTENTION MODERATOR... I am starting this topic as i'v not seen it elsewhere.. In short I am working on a homebrew cooling system for this board and as im running the balbes150 img's i thought that maby it would be ok to start a thread here for this Hardware Modification. If this turns out to be a duplicate thread please point me in the right direction and deleate/disregard this thead. SHOULD THIS THREAD BE APPROVED-- it will become my primary meeting room for this project and a place for likeminded individuals to collaborate. Thanks Astr4y4L
  6. @Tieu Vinh Long hi , i've done some modification for cooling but can't decide between liquid coolant or air-injection , i've some ideas to discuss is there a way to private message me so as not to clutter the forum with off-topic posts? and do you have a place to upload pictures of the modifications i'm makeing?
  7. @balbes150 this is a mightyfine piece of work here :-) really seems like you've gotten the bugs out. so im on debian desktop 20170228. typeing from the a95x now i've got system up time over 3 hours and my cpu temp is steady at 57c this image seems to work very well and ive allready updated and installed other packages etc. so , QUESTION = since im not overly concerned with the emmc install is there a big difference between 20170228 and the 20170302 images ? also i'm wanting very much to learn how this is built as I want to try to port Kali and parrotsecurity os to this platform. Can you give me any pointers tips or tricks ? is there a a general tutorial/guide for this type of thing ? can you tell me what the major differences between the a95x-s0905x and Odroid c2 platforms are ? i found a pre rolled img for Odroid c2 that id like to port to the nexbox would they be close to compatable? thanks very much for your time and effort in this project , you've given my silly android box new purpose, and given me inspiration. Cheers Astr4y4l
  8. @balbes150 Awsome. Up time 2hours Sys load 2.03. Temp got to 78 then backed down to 76 now steady 76 No crash no freeze yet no modification for cooling except for making opening for airflow IMG=jessie xfc latest from test folder
  9. @balbes150 I'm wondering what would happen if we try to disable the thermal trigger. It shows me some error msg after awhile. Something about k.worker Is that my kernal worker?
  10. greetings all I'm new to the forum and have been tinkering with balbes' .imgs on my nexbox with the s905x chip and wanted to say thanks to all the devs. Also I like to tinker and test and break my systems... so I'm offering to test new imgs apps etc on my nexbox and report findings BTW following a samsung guide iv managed to overclock it and after I mod it with a cooling system. I believe its got potential... N E Wayz thanks and can someone point me to nightly testing. Astr4y4L