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  1. If at the start of uBoot we press <Space> the startup stops and allows us to enter some commands, it seems that the example proposed in the ducomentación works. > setenv video-mode sunxi=1024x768-24@60,monitor=dvi,hpd=0,edid=0 > saveenv Is this the complete list of possible commands, does anyone know the whereabouts of a complete list? Thank you
  2. Hi. I have spent many days trying to make the boot (UBoot) rotate the screen without success, I am not an expert and maybe it is not possible or maybe if ... but I do not succeed. It makes me angry to know and to have achieved it without any difficulty with a RaspberryPi 3 (in my case) without suffering the slightest, simply by adding display_rotate = X in /boot/config.txt and that there is no way for Armbian. I wish someone would tell me if it is possible (and how) or it is not possible. And in case it is not possible, my heartfelt wish is that I implement it just
  3. These days I have been trying several things: It seems that UBoot is in charge of starting the system and configuring the kernel. Which is initially configured from '/boot/boot.cmd' which takes the variables from '/boot/armbianEnv.txt', in my case add the rotation variable (possibly: fbcon=rotate:3, lcd_rotate=3 or display_rotate=3) no effect arose. In fact the changes were not showing in the output file '/proc/cmdline.txt'. Try modifying the '/boot/boot.cmd' directly and recompiling as indicated at the end of the same file, and it had no effect either. This time the ch
  4. Edit: --------------------------------------------------------------- OrangePi PC+ ARMBIAN Buster and Focal v20.05.x Problem: I can't get UBoot to rotate the screen. Solution: I still don't know. --------------------------------------------------------------- Hi. I am using a Tablet Display with a controller (link) as a monitor, the case is that the controller is vertical (1536x2048) and I want to use the monitor in landscape mode (more normal). The ARMbian system of my OrangePi PC + single terminal without desktop starts rotated (vertical). Once started from the command line I
  5. Hi. I have been testing with the Image of the RetroPi for OPI Lite and the Desktop image of ARMbian 5.36 and in appearance with the ARMbian it is always connected and with retrorangepi it is very unstable, it connects when you want ... I find it a scam because in theory RetrOragePi 4.1 is based on the same version of ARMbian (the v5.36), do you think I should configure something?
  6. Hello everyone. I encourage you to write these lines after I spend all day reading and trying to solve the problem without success. Knowing that there are other many post about, I write this new that existing ones are already very old and refer to applications and concepts that no longer exist in the latest versions of ARMbian. The fact is that I bought a new OrangePi Lite with a new SDHC Clase10 (80MBs) SanDisk and basically not I connect to the WIFI 2.4 g connection of my house where work perfectly without any problems other Zero OPI and OPI PC + with ARMbian 5.35 Ubu
  7. ENG (GTranslator) Hello friends. I have an Orange Pi Zero v1.1 running perfectly with ARMbian 3.4.113 server and I connect via PUTTY SSH Client. I use the OPI to control a PRUSA Steel 3D printer with the Octoprint program and I am very happy with the results. For reasons of mobility and distance, I came up with the idea of being able to compile Marlin Firmware updates through the OPI Zero. I've searched and everything found is meant to use the Arduino IDE in graphical mode with X-Window. But as you know the ARMbian for the IPO Zero lacks a graphical system and everything moves
  8. Hi. Thank you for your answers. I am nobato in the world of the miniPc ARM and they are very green as far as linux is concerned. I have tried installing the WINE from the repository without success, I suppose that is why it is not compiled for ARM (I am wrong?). So at the moment it is not possible to use simple applications for windows in our Orange Pi? Can experts advise me?
  9. Hi. I would like to know if you can and how to, install WINE on my Orange Pi PC +, I am using the ARMBian v5.25 distribution (Ubuntu). Thank you. I saw this tutorial for RaspberryPi
  10. Hi. I am new to the MiniPC world and thank you for your help beforehand. I have managed to install ARMBian on my Orange Pi PC + and it occurred to me to use it as a STEAM Link with MOONLIGHT software that gives such good results in its version for Android. The linux version runs from an independent one here. The problem is that it does not let me install the dependencies, I leave them an image. I have tried it from XTerminal as from 'Synaptic Package Mannager' As I say I am new to this, if someone who knows how to operate explained it I would be very grateful. Thank you very