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  1. Edit: stopping pihole dhcp server the uptime is 20hr without a single crash.
  2. Ahahaha that could be definitely a good start to deal with those common issues
  3. Transmission daemon isn't running constantly, only when needed, and it download the file on an external hard drive. The hang occur even if transmission isn't enabled.
  4. Yes I'm running transmission, I never though it could be the SD, it isn't new but it's genuine for sure. I will try another micro sd asap. Thanks
  5. Here is my log: http://sprunge.us/aKKf I just noticed that if I leave it plugged after it hangs, a few hours later it become online again.
  6. What's your maximum up time? Anyway if so than may be a sort of bug in the official release...
  7. I've already tried with frequency limit (912 Mhz) but with no result.
  8. Since in all 3 the cases there is pihole running, maybe this the problem?
  9. I will replace the psu, anyway is rpi monitor capable of showing system error log? In such case I need to determine first if the opi just stuck or if for some reason it can't connect to the network anymore.
  10. Sorry I didn't specified that it's connect via the Ethernet port. The power supply is a 5V 2A psp charger, feeding power directly to the pin header
  11. I've a opi zero running the latest armbian stable release, it just handle a pihole dhcp server and run the transmission client, but randomly stuck becoming inaccessible through ssh and webserver pages. All return normal when it restart by manual removing the power supply, but this way it's very uncomfortable, so what could be the cause? Is there a way to log the system errors for read them the next reboot? Thanks
  12. A USB sound card is very cheap, around 0,70$. Would be great if could be used instead of an arduino/attiny
  13. Could be possible to use a USB audio card and lirc for both transmit and receive?
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