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  1. @mortomanos Could you contact us to support@kobol.io and see how we can help you from there in case there is a need to return the board.
  2. We still trying to get the proper firmware for the chip. It is possible but as i mentioned previously, the main problem is the system could not enter suspend, then next problem is no wol support in PHY driver and if i'm not mistaken, there is no support for interrupt mode in PHY driver.
  3. @allen--smithee if you need to modify the bootloader, you can start from these lines https://github.com/armbian/build/blob/master/patch/u-boot/u-boot-rockchip64-mainline/add-board-helios64.patch#L1671-L1687 You can add parameter checking there. Maybe check certain U-Boot environment variable, maybe check for certain file in the filesystem. You could also remove it completely and modify /boot/boot.scr instead, to enable/disable the HDD power. Another thing to explore, you could remove the afromentioned u-boot function and also remove the power rail nodes from lin
  4. @silver0480 thank you for detailed test procedure.
  5. We are working on this issue. The same Realtek driver working fine on an Ubuntu laptop (amd64), Helios4 (armhf), and Helios64 LK 4.4. We are looking into USB host controller driver, it seems there are some quirks not implemented on mainline kernel.
  6. You can use DAS mode on Kernel 5.9 using device tree overlay It is not as seamless as in LK 4.4 where you can just change to cable to switch the usb role but it work. I gave you a like, it should lift the limitation. 1. correct 2. Yes, you'd need to use filesystem that can be recognized by both, Linux and Mac. With FAT32 there is maximum partition size and maximum file size (4GB) limitation. With exFAT, it might put some load to cpu during NAS because of FUSE but it might be change in future where in kernel module used instead of FUSE. 4. I don'
  7. @ebin-dev, unfortunately there is no progress.
  8. @tionebrr yes, the firmware on 2.5G chip. The 1G PHY interrupt is open drain but default state after reset the pin is pulled low, i guess there is an interrupt event nack by phy driver. You could disconnect 1G PHY interrupt line by removing D31 but i don't think it would help since the 2.5G firmware does not use the pin. The interrupt pin connected to GPIO0_B0 on RK3399
  9. @devman Could you measure the voltage at molex power connector?
  10. @Renée if you compile the u-boot yourself you can get the binaries required. You can execute following command from u-boot source code tools/kwboot -b u-boot-spl.kwb -t -B 115200 /dev/ttyUSB2 adapt /dev/ttyUSB2 to the correct USB serial on your system. I also attached u-boot-spl.kwb and kwboot (compiled on Ubuntu 20.04 amd64) for your convenience
  11. @retrack as mentioned by @gprovost, the main issue is suspend is not supported yet. then there is no wol support on realtek PHY driver (1G ethernet). on 2.5G ethernet, the firmware does not trigger interrupt pin. even if it does, it won't work due to the interrupt line pulled by 1G PHY. The interrupt line is shared between 1G and 2.5G ethernet. so it still need Realtek PHY changes. There is another way to use WoL on 2.5G, by using USB suspend mechanism / LPM. but unfortunately RK3399 does not support this.
  12. @chango yes, it seems something wrong with the on-board eMMC. You shouldn't be able to move to eMMC if it wasn't detected. Could you attach serial console output since power on?
  13. @succo what image/kernel did you use? on legacy it should work. I haven't tested much on mainline kernel.
  14. @tekrantz, Did you need to shave the included USB-C serial console cable? if yes, you might also need to shave the cable on your dongle. OK, before doing that, maybe try without the backplate first. this is log form LK 5.9 and this is log from LK 4.4 Dongle in use: https://www.ugreen.com/products/5-in-1-usb-c-hub-with-4k-hdmi Note: I don't have recess issue on the USB-C port so I don't need to shave the USB C cable.