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  1. OrangePi PC, OrangePi PC+, and Olimex Lime 2 all boot correctly on images built with @Igor fix in trunk-436a5681. Many Thanks.
  2. jhcarter


  3. I also experienced this issue on OrangePi boards this week. I just built images (build host Focal) using the @Werner a2957ca8 commit for: OrangePi PC OrangePi PC+ Olimex Lime 2 All booted successfully. All failed to boot with the images currently on the Armbian download page. Thanks for your work on this. Let me know if I can help.
  4. This happened two times over a few days just prior to my initial post. In an effort to be sure I have a repeatable failure test case I have let it run since that time with few reboots and with the original 3.14.54 kernel and it has not failed again. I must assume at this point that there was some external influence at work with the initial two failures.
  5. I will try the 3.14.14 kernel then. It will take few days to do a proper test. I have found someone else reporting that this issue was corrected by installing a newer kernel. Unfortunately he does not state which kernel versions were involved. http://superuser.com/questions/913075/wired-connection-being-dropped Thanks Igor.
  6. I am running Armbian_4.5_Cubox-i_Ubuntu_trusty_3.14.54 on a CuBox i4 Pro. The application is a security camera server and the current test environment consists of the server and two IP cameras set to 320x240 and running at 5 fps. The server is receiving these two streams over the Ethernet interface constantly but the data rate is pretty low. I am seeing the Ethernet interface fail after 24 to 48 hours with the syslog entries shown below. After the failure I can restart the link with ifdown/ifup and it works fine. Has anyone else seen a similar issue? Oct 29 11:56:09 localhost kernel: