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  1. I 'm wrong.copied dtb of mx201 and ubuntu start to login.thank you for help.what is password and user?
  2. I have write image to 4gb sd card and copied dtb image for mxq and I have only black screen(no signal)
  3. Formated the SD card to FAT Downloaded two of the file aml_autoscript and aml_autoscript.zip Copied these two files on microsd card 1GB Insert card into TV box (mxq with red line no bluetooth) Started Update&backup app and selected aml_autoscript.zip Pressed update, Box restarted and go back to android.?Simply Nothing. When I start MXQ box in recovery selected aml_autoscript.zip then I got error: Finding update package Opening update package verifyng update package footer is wrong signature verification failed Installation aborted. aml_autoscript and aml
  4. I give footer is wrong error with this files.
  5. But when I insert libreelec sd-card, system is not going to android but I see libreelec window with KODI? Is multi-boot activated?
  6. But for me only work this version http://mxqproject.com/files/MXQ-Debian-8/MXQProject-Linux-Desktop/ .
  7. Jessie work perfect without adapter on my neighbor tv.Thanks!!
  8. No black screen,but after some time i see desktop 0,5 second,then black 2-3min then 0.5 desktop and again black screen and so on.I think that the image which I see on the very short desktop
  9. I tried debian jessie and got desktop only every 15 second and blank other time,maybe is resolution problem,my monitor have 1280x1024 ?