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  1. I have Orange Pi Lite. I installed Ubuntu Xenial Nightly 4.10.1. Orange Pi Lite has WiFi. I would like to run hostapd. I want to see the Supported interface modes. I run the iw list command, but it does not return anything. What is the problem? I was looking for an answer on the forum, but I did not find it. Driver = rtl8189fs
  2. I did all the steps of the instruction I'm using the new Sony SD. I see everything also black screen! I note once again that Armbian Ubuntu Xenial Nightly 4.9.4 works, and Armbian Debian Jessie Legacy 3.4.113 does not work.
  3. I wait 10 minutes. Display black. My sd, my power supply and cable
  4. I can not start armbian Debian Jessie Legacy 3.4.113 on orange pi lite. Loading goes to the words Starting kernel ... and black screen Armbian Ubuntu Xenial Nightly 4.9.4 runs well. What is the problem?