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  1. Hello, I want to connect my orange pi PC+ on my cathode ray television over the jack video output. All topic I found regarding that are based on very old armbian version what is the way to get this working thank you for your help in advance regards Guillaume
  2. @nachoparker I confirm softy install works again Thanks for the fast reaction
  3. Ok I will try it asap and give you a feedback If some other peaple need an image for OrangePi PC+ why not but if I'm the only one who use this board for NCP it is not necesary, it's to much job for one guy
  4. I Try both it looks like that the Curl installer doesn't work docker version works for me ok I will look your link, of course I'm ready to help you for support Orange Pi Pc +
  5. hello I try it inside docker it works but @nachoparker schoud'nt work over the softy menu on my opi pc+? regards
  6. thanks for your answehre I anderstand that other way, that you can installal inside docker or directly I will try the docker image thank you for your help @nachoparker do you have an idea why it doesnt work on my opi PC plus
  7. no I mean missing package (the same package are missing ) I have tryed to remove nexclode with apt-get remove NextCloudPi and apt-get remove NextCloud but package ar neo avalable any idea how the package is named
  8. hello sorry my previous message it was a mistake thank you for you fast answer 2 other pakage was needed : libculr3 and php7.0-curl i have installed them an those you suggest instalation was sucessful I have the same error after, I also reboot my opi
  9. Hello, I try to install NextCloudPi over the softy menu on a OrangePi PC+ with arbian inst
  10. Hello, I try to install NextCloudPi over the softy menu on a OrangePi PC+ with armbian is installed on the eMMC.. instalation finished without error. after I connect to the webserver I have folowing image and message : if try to start with cli I have following errors. Did I forget to install something?? If you need some other information please let me know thank you for your help
  11. Hello, I try to install NextCloudPi over the softy menu on a OrangePi PC+ with arbian inst
  12. Hi thank for your answere I will check my config. witch tool do you use for your network trace regards Yogui
  13. Hello, for bypass the fu***g loopback blocking from my internet box I need to build a DNS server. I make some test with a OPI pc plus, it works (sofware). but it looks like that the internet connection is slower using this dns server. It due to the only 100mb network kard from my opi? if this is the case what do you suggest to use for boad for this application thanks in advance for your remarks
  14. hello I solved my problem with XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX:/MP3 /home/MP3 nfs noauto,x-systemd.automount 0 0
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