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  1. hi Unfortunately no solutions for my udev-problem, but a small workaround to implement my external hard disks. Mount with fstab and nofail option fstab In my case UUID=xxxxxxxxxxxx /mnt/mountpoint ext4 nofail,x-systemd.device-timeout=1,rw,auto,users 0 0 To unmount correctly if unplugged I use an udev-rule orangepi@orangepiplus2e:~$ cat /etc/udev/rules.d/90-USB_festplatten.rules ACTION=="remove", KERNEL=="sd?1", ENV{ID_SERIAL_SHORT}=="33Q8K5YEF", RUN+="/bin/umount /mnt/mountpoint" bye
  2. hi I have upgraded my SD-version Armbian_5.65_Orangepiplus2e_Ubuntu_xenial_default_3.4.11 to mainline aka 4.14.70 Armbian 5.60 et voila the system mount my harddisk. It seems not to be a problem with the mainline-kernel. So, Where are the differences ? xenial vs bionic or/and Armbian 5.60 vs Armbian_5.65 bye
  3. hi orangepi 2e+ with ARMBIAN 5.65 stable Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS 4.14.84-sunxi syslog I want to mount my external hard disks with cat /etc/udev/rules.d/91-intenso.rules KERNEL=="sd?1", SUBSYSTEMS=="usb", ATTRS{serial}=="31700000000000007023", SYMLINK+="Intenso", ACTION=="add", RUN+="/bin/mount /dev/Intenso /mnt/Intenso" Normally no problem, tested with Armbian_5.65_Orangepiplus2e_Ubuntu_xenial_default_3.4.113 and Workstation PC Linux 4.15.0-43-generic #46~16.04.1-Ubuntu. With my current version, I have a problem. The udev-rule is/seem ok LINK 'Intenso' /et
  4. hi SORRY !!! A stupid accident : At the same time as I configured lirc my external hard drive goes broken (perhaps a correlation). Without hard drive and mount points in fstab the system starts normal. Bye
  5. hi Orangepi plus 2e; Armbian 5,38 with Ubuntu xenial 16.4 Normally my OrangePi works pretty fine, but today I tested lirc. I activated lirc by armbian-config, changed something in /etc/lirc/hardware.conf and now my Orangepi don't started correctly - Stopping with Starting Kernel ... What I can Do ? I can start my system with a SD-card, and mount the hole emmc-content. It is possible to diable lirc only by remove/edit a (config-)file ? Bye nepo
  6. hi I have tested and read a lot of tutorials, but nothing works - I can't used rtcwake for wakeevents! but the rtc-modul ds3231 works Can I use my Orange Pi +2e with DS3231 to wake up ? Anybody has success ? And why I have not a /proc/driver/rtc ? With my Raspberry 3 and rtc-ds3231 it exist. Bye nepo!
  7. Hi Igor Thank you for this tutorial - and it works I want to use rtcwake, but What must I do to use rtcwake ? Bye nepo!
  8. hi zador thanks for reply ! How to activate the driver or it's a mainline issue ?
  9. I know that Or to put it another way: No governor means the cpu run in highest level and can be damaged?
  10. hi orangepi+2e : ARMBIAN 5.32 user-built Debian GNU/Linux 8 (jessie) 4.13.2-sunxi (no changes) armbianmonitor -u Perhaps I've the the same problem: I've tried to load the cpufreq driver orangepi@orangepiplus2e:~$ cat /etc/modules #8189fs arm_big_little arm_big_little_dt But nothing happens. What does it mean ? No risk for my Pi ? ciao nepo
  11. Works thank you for your help ! Bye nepo!
  12. It doesn't work Is the helper-service necessary ? Without rpimonitor runs and hard drive spin down.
  13. hi Services rpimonitor and rpimonitor-helper.service runs but no information in /tmp/disktemp nor /tmp/externaltemp (the files exists), also by editing to the orig. conf-files. sudo hdparm /dev/sda /dev/sda: multcount = 16 (on) readonly = 0 (off) readahead = 256 (on) geometry = 60801/255/63, sectors = 976773168, start = 0 sudo hdparm -I /dev/sda1 /dev/sda1: ATA device, with non-removable media Model Number: TOSHIBA MQ01UBD050 Serial Number: 54R5TCLYT Firmware Revision: AX001U Transport: Serial, ATA
  14. Hi orange pi +2e with Distribution: Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS Kernel version: Linux 3.4.113-sun8i armv7l rpimonitor installed with sudo armbianmonitor -r I use Rpimonitor to control temperature, upgradable packages and cpu frequency, nice tool ! Unfortunately it looks that rpimonitor has access to my external external hard drives, so no spin off . I change rpimonitor config files sudo nano /etc/rpimonitor/data.conf #include=/etc/rpimonitor/template/sdcard.conf and sudo nano /etc/rpimonitor/template/Allwinner_H3_Extended_Mainline.conf
  15. hi again new image compile without rc_core. compile media_built and install -> no errors reboot and plugin the stick -> no kernel Panic But: dmesg new high-speed USB device number 3 using ehci-platform [ 2512.085372] usb 4-1: New USB device found, idVendor=15f4, idProduct=0131 [ 2512.085389] usb 4-1: New USB device strings: Mfr=1, Product=2, SerialNumber=0 [ 2512.085399] usb 4-1: Product: dvbt2 [ 2512.085410] usb 4-1: Manufacturer: astrometadvbt2 [ 2512.109067] media: exports duplicate symbol __media_device_register (owned by kernel) [ 2512.205549] med
  16. hi I don't want to give up, also next attempt. Fresh image Armbian_5.27_Orangepiplus2e_Debian_jessie_dev_4.10.3 (april 5) with no kernel config Install media-build with git clone git:// cd media_build ./build No errors! reboot and sudo make unload, plug in usb-stick Kernel Panic usb 4-1: new high-speed USB device number 2 using ehci-platform [10756.489835] usb 4-1: New USB device found, idVendor=15f4, idProduct=0131 [10756.489851] usb 4-1: New USB device strings: Mfr=1, Product=2, SerialNumber=0 [10756.489861] usb 4-1: Prod
  17. I don't know. I didn't use T230C , because dvb-c support is bad, in 4.10 as well as 4.4 (RPI), so I could not tested really, I read some post about it., with my Astrometa-Dongle and 4.4.5 perfect, recordings (mpeg2) with ProjectX no error ... and with 4.10.3 only problems - live and recordings. I will go every way , but I can't go myself (noob)
  18. Thanks for help, but I understand nothing. At moment, I try another thing. Perhaps (hopefully) I make a mistake by compiling the image. In this post idandavidi used a t230c stick and funnily I have such stick somewhere. So, I'm not sure, idandavidi used kernel 3.4 like me and my orangepi don't recognize the stick t230. I believe, that means i make a mistake by building the image. Perhaps anybody can find the error dmesq_t230c.txt linux-sun8i-default.config Ciao
  19. Bad news If anybody knows, how I can use the orangepi with the stick, please help me. I tested this stick with kernel 4.10.3 (native recognize), but with horrible output link, and so I want to compile another kernel e.g. 4.8 but I'm a noob see . Thanks for help see you
  20. hi thanks for answer! I'm a noob, but my RPI runs with kernel 4.4.50-v7+ and I remember I could compile the v4l driver I will test it again. usb 1-1.3: DVB: registering adapter 0 frontend 0 (Realtek RTL2832 (DVB-T))... usb 1-1.3: DVB: registering adapter 0 frontend 1 (Panasonic MN88473)... I need only dvb-c -> mn88473 It is possible to compile without rtl2832 ? edit: v4l compile with kernel 4.4.50 link
  21. Hi I want to install a tv-server (vdr) on my orangepi with a usb-dvb-stick from astrometa. I read this post and try to reproduce it. I build my own image ARMBIAN 5.27 stable Debian GNU/Linux 8 (jessie) 3.4.113-sun8i (linux-sun8i-default.config )and install v4l driver with no errors. Unfortunately it don't work. The system don't recognize the stick (see file orangepi_Astrometa.txt and dmesq_media_build.txt ). Useful for comparison my raspberrypi with the stick (raspberry_Astrometa.txt) . Can anybody help? Ciao nepo
  22. Thank You for your help, but I will give up - that beats me Again, thank you for your whole work
  23. I will try it. Change in Right ? And like this post How I can disable patches - in configuration files or during the process of compile (configure kernel)
  24. Thanks for fast answer 4.4.50 is only an example, higher untill 4.8
  25. hello again I tested this image Armbian_5.27_Orangepiplus2e_Debian_jessie_dev_4.10.3, everything ok only the Tv-Output. I have the same problem to fit this description : That build was the first one that used the new 4.9.0 kernel. I noticed a somewhat rare, intermittent video corruption when watching 1080i h.264 TV channels - usually a flash of green artifacts. Those video artifacts appear once in 5-10 minutes (sometimes more frequent). (I use it as tvserver with RPI3 (Raspian Jessie and Kodi) as client. So I want to try another kernel. I read this post a