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  1. Hi, Just arrived my second OPiZ and I noticed that with absolutely the same conditions like room temp, PS, cable, etc new one is colder then previous (broken) in 10-15°C. During installing updates max temp was about 47°C without heatsink!
  2. Hi, question here. It is quite interesting, Is it possible to get FM working on this chip AP6212A?
  3. Previously 1.3v was used only for high CPU freq like 1200 or 1008 Mhz. In other cases it can be problem with overheating. @tkaiser
  4. My first OPi0 had temp not less than 55-60 C (without heatsink) without any load. Moreover, after set max cpu frequency to 1008MHz SoC temperature was above 50 in idle. Distro was Ubuntu legacy (3.4.113). Have to mention that I used WiFi without power-saving. Updated: I also was wandered about so low temperatures provided on the forum. Putting OPi0 outside of home (in box) get 25 Celsius degree (it was about a zero outside :-). I think low temp can be caused custom build with unnecessary staff removed (moved to modules). I'm looking forward for second ordered OPi0 to play with kernel optimizations (broke the first one).
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