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  1. Ok,tnx. That is not for me, I am unadvanced user.
  2. 3.14.29 work, all other not. Not, on same art, I yust download, unpack, and with rufus, making bootable sd card. Arch Linux, i dont know username and pass, and grapic is bad, letters are litlebit broken..Version 4.9.26, yesterday start instalation but letters are broken, not so clear screen, and letters like Ubuntu xenial 3.29.14... Debian 3.29.14, I am newer have ok.. Same problem with graphic and username/pass..
  3. A,-3.14.29 B,-dont know, I am deleted, when dont start installation. C,- dtb, I think, for p212 board, I ill look, i am not at home now. D,-micro sd card, with reset on button inside av jack. Thanx for answer.
  4. Hi, I use normaly Armbian, on micro sd card, (with toothpick), several times, new version, made with wxp, and rufus.. I was try to run Arch Linux, and cant install. I wait 3 minutes, see yust blue screen. With, and without same .dtb, that i use for Armbian... Nexbox, a95x, 2/16, amlogic s905x. What I do wrong, and why Armbian work, and Arch not?
  5. Exactly Tommy. I need a normal ofice pack too, word, and pdf reader. Maybie is not so hard, to make libreelec with firefox vlc, and libre ofice, inside? For me enought.
  6. Cpu... I have a nexbox, with 2.0ghz cpu, and need 4 os, inside. Android is part of shit, nothing work corect, becouse that isnt a mobile phone with touch screen... Libreelec is just for kodi and kodi work like on android, 2% better. On armbian grafic and video are.... People said this odroid is better, but on my nexbox odroid dont work..
  7. On "arm" devices will newer be a posibile "to install linux mint" (or ubuntu for pc, or laptop), only armbian and similar os, for "arm devices"?
  8. A diference is in motherboard? Hdd will NOT help?
  9. You will also now find cheap (less than 100e) x86 (intel atom) boxes which will be able to have anything you want, they are basically regular PC that will run windows or linux.... _------------------- What is a diference between a intel box and android box? Hard disc & mmc?? Is it posibile for me to buy a external hdd, and use this hardware, like "regular pc", with normal linux mint, or ubuntu, or windows, when i must use windows for somethig.. I think about one ssd, to buy, for my documents, and when I can have some normal os with ssd, Ill buy one.
  10. You will also now find cheap (less than 100e) x86 (intel atom) boxes which will be able to have anything you want, they are basically regular PC that will run windows or linux. ------------ I am look, for intel, when I am buy a nexbox... Shit!! I am reed someware, for this box, that is a "mini pc"... Exelent kodi, etc, etc... OK, tnx. On 1 sd, libreelec, on other, this armbian,...
  11. Windows by work, (autoCAD), to house, linux mint, am phone android.... I am "user", not programmer.
  12. Progres is video work ok, on firefox and you tube, but only on lowest resolution...I think 150, higer resolution dont work...
  13. Yes, I understand, this "user" account. For me, this is ok. ""First username, and pass" I dont understand. This is yust more to do for programmers... Is ist possible have in tv box "multi os boot loader, like "Lilo" in desktop pc, with windows and linux, with options to choose wich os I will to start? Is this questions for khadas vim forum? My hardver is is same like one of vims. Ciao.
  14. Why any linux on begining ask username and pass? Is that not a stupid, when I must give username and pass later?