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  2. you need to use 3 uart overlays located in /boot/dtb/overlay by editing armbianEnv.txt and adding the following line, save and reboot : I did not find any "/boot/dtb/overlay" file on my orange pi zero. But I gave a try by editing armbianEnv.txt here are the contents: verbosity=7 console=both machid=1029 bootm_boot_mode=sec rootdev=UUID=7dd0c931-6f7e-4fbd-83f6-544d0e1b2765 rootfstype=ext4 overlays=uart1 uart2 uart3 usbstoragequirks=0x2537:0x1066:u,0x2537:0x1068:u saved the file ,and rebooted but I could not get any change , I could not understand
  3. [spi1] spi_used = 1 spi_cs_bitmap = 1 spi_cs0 = port:PA13<2><1><default><default> spi_sclk = port:PA14<2><default><default><default> spi_mosi = port:PA15<2><default><default><default> spi_miso = port:PA16<2><default><default><default> After looking at above my understanding is that PA13 is not configured as gpio by default. so I tried to get PA13 as gpio by using overlay , af
  4. Sorry for delay in reply,debug port is UART0 the 3 pin header!!, I understood it wrongly,I thought it as UART3. So there is no UART3 as such?. I read orange pi has 3 UARTS ,so I wrongly expected them as UART1,UART2,UART3. Now I think they are UART0,UART1,UART2. If that is the case how this UART3 comes into picture?, I am only using default debug port i.e., UART0 for debugging, and I am not explicitly changing any settings or configuration of the board.I am trying to access the the GPIO normally with all default configuration of the board. I dont understand "UART3 overlay,sin
  5. I may have to modify the overlay explicitly!!, any reference regarding that is appreciated.
  6. I am using debug port for debugging, now I expect that could be UART3 overlay. Is it? If I don't use it as debug port then will it automatically get converted into gpio?
  7. No ,I don't have much idea of what SPI1 overlay is,I am not using this pin for any other purpose, how can I make this pin work as normal GPIO?, how to disable the SPI and make work as GPIO. thanks for comment.
  8. I found mistake in my code I configured R1,and C4 both assigning same pin ,now I corrected it ,there comes some relief. C4 actually I connected to SUNXI_GPG(06) but my SUNXI_GPA(13) is not working at all ,it never goes HIGH. I used same logic to rest of the pins they work fine but this pirticular pin never worked so far.
  9. here are the gpios I am using for the purpose. #define R1 SUNXI_GPA(06) #define R2 SUNXI_GPA(00) #define R3 SUNXI_GPA(13) #define R4 SUNXI_GPA(10) #define C1 SUNXI_GPA(19) #define C2 SUNXI_GPA(07) #define C3 SUNXI_GPG(07) #define C4 SUNXI_GPA(06)
  10. Hi , I am finding trouble using orange pi gpios, here my approach I am trying to scan 4x4 kepad using gpio how am I writing 0 to a particular gpio pin? step 1 : sunxi_gpio_set_cfgpin(pin, SUNXI_GPIO_OUTPUT); step 2: sunxi_gpio_pullup(pin ,SUNXI_PULL_DOWN); I am not sure whether I am correct here. I am not sure if I have to use UP or DOWN or NONE here in pull up call,but I tried UP and DOWN so for. step 3: sunxi_gpio_output(pin,val); here I am using val = 0 or 1 making pin low and high dependi
  11. finally I am able to display text on LCD from Uboot. sunxi_gpio_set_cfgpin(pin,value); sunxi_gpio_output(); are working from Uboot code, these calls are placed in pinmux.c in uboot. sunxi_gpio_input() function is not present in pinmux.c so i copied it from gpio_lib.c and placed in pinmux.c thanks for inputs
  12. I have not tried hit any key method to stop auto boot.I have just read about it in google.I will give it a try.
  13. How do I boot Orange pi 0? , with Uboot only. I am trying to modify uboot.How can I test uboot prior to loading Linux. I mean I would like to break the booting process at uboot. Please help me.
  14. It seems API like sunxi_gpio_set_cfgpin(pin,value); sunxi_gpio_output(); seems to be working in Uboot as well as these were working in Linux, there is a dirver already included in Uboot sources. drivers/gpio/sunxi_gpio.c for accessing gpio.Need to experiment with Uboot.
  15. Hi all, I am using Orange Pi 0, I am trying to show some initial booting message on LCD. I am interfacing JHD204A which is a 20x4 charecter display.Which uses HD44780 controller. Is there a way to access Pi 0 GPIOs from Uboot? So that I want to show some initial message on L CD while Linux gets loaded. I appreciate any inputs, thanks in advance.