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  1. Thank you for the information! The log can be found here: http://sprunge.us/VXiE
  2. I recently got a ClearFog Pro board and wanted to replace my router with it. In order to add Wi-Fi functionality, I installed an Intel 4965 AGN PCI-E extension card. So far I have tried the following two images in order to get it to work: Mainline 4.9.7 The mainline kernel neither detected my Wi-Fi module nor the additional, built-in LAN ports. However, after updating the kernel with "apt upgrade" to 4.10.x, the "iwlegacy" driver necessary for the Intel Wi-Fi module started to work. However, the LAN ports are still missing. Entering "ip link" gives the following output: Usually, there should be lan1, lan2, lan3... for all built-in ports, but they are completely missing. So no problem I thought and tried the other image... LTS 4.4.45 Using this kernel, the LAN ports were detected automatically: But unfortunately, in this kernel version, the Intel Wi-Fi module isn't detected correctly. Loading the "iwlegacy" and "iwl4965" drivers causes an error (extracted from dmesg): Basically I'd love to run the latest kernel, but it seems like there are problems with the DTS configuration not enabling the LAN ports and the LTS kernel doesn't work for me either because of a crashing Wi-Fi driver :/ Does anyone have an idea on how to get either the LTS kernel or the 4.10.x kernel to work?
  3. Nevermind! The changes got lost because of the compile script it reset the git tree of u-boot and my changes got lost. After fixing this, it is now working - thanks!
  4. Thanks for your help! I changed the DTS file, compiled u-boot using your build script and replaced the pre-installed sun6i-a31s-sinovoip-bpi-m2.dtb with the new one (and rebooted). However, there's still no i2c device do I also have to compile and replace the whole bootloader?
  5. Hi, I just bought an RTC module for my Banana Pi M2, but when scanning for i2c devices I noticed that there are no i2c device nodes in /dev using the latest Armbian version (5.15). Is there any way to get it working? Modprobing i2c-dev or any other modules I've found didn't help Thanks in advance!
  6. Hi, First of all: Thank you for all the great work that you're doing, Igor! I really appreciate it. I think about buying a PCDuino3 Nano board and I'd like to install your Debian Jessie Vanilla kernel image on it. However, the current download page states that NAND support is not implemented yet. Can you tell (approximately) how soon it will be supported? Or are there other ways to install the image to the NAND flash? Thank you in advance!
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