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  1. I already know how GPIO pins are mapped on Orange Pi Lite, seeing this: https://cdn.instructables.com/FMJ/ONNZ/ISCB1XXO/FMJONNZISCB1XXO.MEDIUM.jpg?width=614 OK, now: Which is the max value of current that can be erogated by 5v pin of the gpio in an Orange Pi LITE? Thanks
  2. Hi, thanks for replay. With a search on Google I had already arrived at this site but honestly I did not find answer to my question. What do you mean with "RPI"? Raspberry PI?
  3. Which is the maximum current delivered by the pin 5v of the gpio in an Orange Pi LITE? I would like to connect on it some sensors that needs 5v power supply. Thanks
  4. I don't have another OPi to use for this scope.. Buy another one means that I will "solve" my problem in 2 months (shipping problems). Can I use an Arduino for this scope?
  5. Sorry, is not very clear for me what I should do.. My english is bad Anyway I run the script for 4 minutes for a test and statistics are here: No freeze during the test nor after.
  6. Dear @tkaiser and @zador.blood.stained Today I had 2 freezes in the same day (in real, in 4 hours of work). I generate new log, and is here: http://sprunge.us/RDEU I hope you can help me! Thanks EDIT: other informations
  7. I tried this command, because system read only 7.1 GB. After reboot, I have the same size. Do you know why? This is the output and the command take around 3 second to complete.. " Synchronizing state of resize2fs.service with SysV init with /lib/systemd/systemd-sysv-install... Executing /lib/systemd/systemd-sysv-install enable resize2fs " EDIT: I tried another time and now it works. I'm sorry. How can I check the file system?
  8. And here is the result. It is the backup of the old microSD card. I was right to set the size of 4M?
  9. while waiting, I started to backup the MicroSD using this guide with a Mac: https://thepihut.com/blogs/raspberry-pi-tutorials/17789160-backing-up-and-restoring-your-raspberry-pis-sd-card the core command is " sudo dd if=/dev/disk1 of=~/SDCardBackup.dmg " Now, is valid this procedure? or should I follow what you have linked to me? Thank you so much
  10. Yes, the Samsung Evo microSD is of 16GB, indeed the old microSD is 8GB (or less, for the fact that it is fake). Can I use this script? Or maybe the best way is this?
  11. Thanks @tkaiser and @zador.blood.stained Meanwhile I test the microSD card to verify if is bad and fake (microSD in Orange Pi), I have a real samsung Evo U1 (the same showed on User-Guide_Getting-Started). I will use it to reinstall OS. Can I create an image of the system from the old microSD card and burn it on new microSD? Or best way is to reinstall all from 0? Beacuse I've a lot of things to backup.. EDIT: Anyway, this is a screen of informations about test
  12. Ooooh...yes, maybe my Sd card have a bad brand. Result from tests told me that the card haven't errors, but is slow in random write. Do you need screenshot of messages? Anyway, here is my new log: http://sprunge.us/YQKP Thank you so much.
  13. Ok, I will provide a new log when it is done. "What is printed on the card?" What do you mean exactly?
  14. Hello! Thank you @tkaiser for the answer. I run the "armbianmonitor -c "$HOME" but it takes long time to write files.. With verbose = 7 (already set) and "sudo armbianmonitor -u", It has generated this log: http://sprunge.us/gLgW The problem appeared on Sat 11 March. I hope this is helpful.
  15. My Orange Pi Lite + octoprint often freeze during a print. I noticed that when it happens I can not access either the web panel nor in ssh. I believe that it detaches from wifi and go into freeze. I have already ruled out power supply problems and overheating. Someone can help me?My image is: Armbian_5.25_Orangepilite_Ubuntu_xenial. Here is a screenshot of the statistics: Thanks!