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  1. I have a cubietruck at my cabled network (RJ45). Using Ip Scanner tools, I only find it by MAC address. The manufacturer name have nothing, how can I put a manufacturer name to help me find it? Other computers show their manufacturer names.
  2. sfx2000, ANATEL doesn't accept others certifications like FCC, I have to do all tests. But to proceed I need a mfg firmware that enables me to set channel, power, technology, duty cycle, etc,. I send e-mail to AMPAK and no answer.
  3. I need certificate AP6210 in regulatory agency here in Brazil (ANATEL). My AP6210 works very well, no problems. I have certificate a similar WIFI/BT module that use Broadcom too in recent past and for this manufacturer send two things: 1. A mfg firmware that enable module hardware control (to set power, channel, duty cycle, technology, etc); 2. A tool called wl that allows send commands For bluetooth a little program that controls this part. I'm looking for similar tools for certificate AP6210 but I cant find this anywhere. I have tried contact with AMPAK and no answer. Appreciate for any help.
  4. I haven't one to test, but generally you find this on sys/class/power/... after power maybe battery/status or battery/voltage. To read cat /sys/class/power/battery/voltage This path is only a sample, you have to look inside sys/class/power/ the correct one.
  5. Hi Igor. The fex guide doesnt explain if machine is used by uboot or kernel to config some funcionality.
  6. Someone could explain what fex "machine" does? Each board has specific machine, like machine=cubietruck. Who use this information? Uboot? Kernel? For what? Thanks, Leonardo
  7. How can I change to a ramdisk in Cubietruck? I have seen in boot folder that are a uinitrd file. How can I start from it? Default is zIimage, right? Leonardo
  8. I'm using Armbian 5.27 with BRANCH=default BOARD=cubietruck RELEASE=jessie BUILD_DESKTOP=no Sometimes bluetooth fail to start, are there some way to fix it? Leonardo
  9. I'm found the answer just change BOARD_NAME in lib/config/boards/cubietruck.conf
  10. ____ _ _ _ _ / ___| _| |__ (_) ___| |_ _ __ _ _ ___| | __ | | | | | | '_ \| |/ _ \ __| '__| | | |/ __| |/ / | |__| |_| | |_) | | __/ |_| | | |_| | (__| < \____\__,_|_.__/|_|\___|\__|_| \__,_|\___|_|\_\ Welcome to ARMBIAN 5.27 stable Debian GNU/Linux 8 (jessie) 3.4.113-sun7i System load: 0.92 Up time: 1 min Memory usage: 4 % of 984Mb IP: CPU temp: 34°C Usage of /: 15% of 7.2G How can I change this logo?
  11. I'm developing a watchdog driver and I need get 3 gpios, from FEX file. I'm trying this: [wdt_para] wdt_used = 1 wdt_wdi_gpio = port:PH26<1><default><default><0> wdt_ign_gpio = port:PC20<0><default><default><0> wdt_off_gpio = port:PC19<1><default><default><0> if(SCRIPT_PARSER_OK != script_parser_fetch("wdt_para", "wdt_used", &wdt_used, 1)) { pr_err("%s: script_parser_fetch err. \n", __func__); return -1; } if(1 != wdt_used){ pr_err("%s: wdt_unused. \n", __func__); return -1; } gpio_wdi = gpio_request_ex("wdt_para", "wdt_wdi_gpio"); if(!gpio_wdi) { pr_err("%s: gpio_wdi request fail value = %d!\n", __func__,gpio_wdi); return -1; } gpio_ign = gpio_request_ex("wdt_para", "wdt_ign_gpio"); if(!gpio_ign) { pr_err("%s: gpio_ign request fail value = %d!\n", __func__,gpio_ign); return -1; } gpio_off = gpio_request_ex("wdt_para", "wdt_off_gpio"); if(!gpio_off) { pr_err("%s: gpio_off request fail value = %d!\n", __func__,gpio_off); return -1; } But gpio_request_ex returns 0 in all three gpios. If I change the first one to wdt_gpio in this way above, the gpio_request_ex works. I think that function wait the name wdt and gpio, but doesn't accept anything in the middle, but I need start three GPIOs. How can I do that? [wdt_para] wdt_used = 1 wdt_gpio = port:PH26<1><default><default><0> gpio_wdi = gpio_request_ex("wdt_para", "wdt_gpio"); if(!gpio_wdi) { pr_err("%s: gpio_wdi request fail value = %d!\n", __func__,gpio_wdi); return -1; }
  12. I'm trying to lock u-boot version and I create the file /userpatches/lib.config with this inside MAINLINE_UBOOT_BRANCH='tag:v2017.01', but script continue updating uboot to v2017.03. What's wrong? In configuration.sh I put echo $MAINLINE_UBOOT_BRANCH just after load lib.config and this show my tag:v2017.01.