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  1. Hello! How to fix hdmi overscan for retarded tv, is it possible? H3 OPi + Armbian Stretch Desktop last night's Nightly I tried setting overscan_x/y in armbianenv.txt and u-boot and a display-mode line including them, didn't work. Does it need extra settings, like disabling edid or some order of settings?
  2. Hello! It's about installing Armbian on OPi+ 2E without a reliable sdcard and with no proper card reader - U-Boot goes to sdcard, Armbian image goes to USB dong then installed to eMMC. I did this once but can't remember what device was the sdcard in Android, if anybody knows it would be great to share. It mounts as /dev/block/vold/179:1, but writing (dd) u-boot.bin to 179:0 or 179 doesn't result in a bootable sdcard (the OPi boots from eMMC, and as far as I remember if it has bootable sdcard inserted it should boot from it no matter what is on the eMMC). There was also an issue with the nand-sata-install - I had to remove some lines as it wouldn't allow writing from USB dong to eMMC.
  3. Initial loading/pseudo-installing of the platforms takes about half to one hour, second and later not much faster as well, even the one that uses all cores. After logging in end up with a network error instead of actual program loading (this should be fixable). So far so not good, the little thing is definitely not suited for this. Android platforms worked fine though, browser based almost fine too.
  4. Hello! Trying to deal with a TV overscan issue, TV has no option to not overscan (it's one of those "promotional" TVs made in garages from leftover parts for local stores). H3 OPi and legacy kernel Xenial Armbian. I couldn't get anything more than a bunch of errors from xrandr, I haven't tried to modify xorg configs before working xrandr setting. Tried modifying armbianEnv/boot.cmd before realizing it's intended for mainline kernel only, without success of course. I read about modifying script.bin, but couldn't figure out what and where should I change. Any help is appreciated.
  5. These particular applications are supposed to be well written, one is Dukascopy's (big fat banking thieves, most definitely have money for software), one is Oanda's (little sneaky broker thieves, also have money for software), although I also hate to use them as they really are resource-hungry. The software I actually use takes like 100-300 MB RAM and 5-10% on same CPU, but is x86 dependent. With 2 GB of RAM would the board really need swap? Even if intended to run 500+ MB demanding software? I have 3 and 4 GB RAM desktops running GNOME and KDE (I would probably put Xfce or LXDE on the SBC) and I've never used swap on them. By "downloading a movie" I meant torrents (this is Bulgaria, we are illegal AF), which by the way might come close to the case for random 16 MB reads/writes from the eMMC tests, some torrents downloading at some speeds with some torrent client caching settings at least.
  6. Hello! Use case is mostly about turning the kitchen TV into a kitchen PC, with main purpose displaying some market charts while I'm cooking (doing this on a phone is a pain in the eyes). Someone might try eventually to browse facebooks or download movies on that TV, but that's not important. Software displaying such charts available for Linux and ARM is mostly Java platforms (I believe Java is architecture-independent, the applications at least, but I might be wrong), using 300-800 MB RAM and 10-30% on a low-end x86 CPU. The Orange Pi+ 2E seems like the best thing for such hobo desktop purpose, mostly because people's support for it, but the H5 SoC advertises some kind of Java hardware acceleration. Considering what I've read about Xunlong's "marketing" in SBC-related forums (I searched for information before posting this, not much, but I did) I have to ask is it actually something usable (or even existing) and can it be relevant to my case? And if both are "yes" - does the A64 have it as well and does it depend on Mali drivers (I suppose that should be the main reason people mentioning H5 inventors' moms while writing images for it)?
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