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  1. Was able to fix problem #1 Copy paste to or from terminal :P :D All I did was install the XFCE4 - Terminal apt-get install xfce4-terminal use the xfce terminal it will showup under the Applications Menu / System
  2. I actually did a search on the forum for these and found nothing, so now I'm asking for the help. Of coarse it could be I didn't know what I was looking at or understood it. I'm running a Cubie 2 with the desktop Armdian 1. Unable to copy and paste from or to termal 2. unable to add user (I did install lightdm) or go to a login screen 3. Unable to get the audio to go to the HDMI port so it will play thru the TV/Monitor 4 No package manager, is it possible to install one? I tried an apt-get install synaptic and got no where. 5. Unable to install ElectricSheep or the Xscreensaver (got partway in installing xsreensaver) Thanks Dave C