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  1. Last Armbian buster legacy from download area now is running too without SPI. I have copy the boot partition (skip 64 sectors) from image piter75 to the buster legacy image. best regards BrUser
  2. Yes, your image does boot well. Great! Can I dd boot to other new current armbian images or legacy? What is the start sector and the end? Thanks a lot, BrUser
  3. Hello, I have a Rock Pi 4B 4GB rev. 1.3 without SPI-Flash. Now all newer Armbian-Images does not boot from SD-Card. With old U-Boot, for example June 15 I can boot from SD all new images on nvme, USB and SD. Maybe with new SPI-Boot we have lost to boot without SPI? The complete serial out is: Please can you help me to find the reason? Thanks a lot, BrUser
  4. Two month before i have tested same device with same SATA, DVBT-Stick, power-supply, energymeter. Today is very hot. Maybe it was all time at limit. Mainline is OK. I have used R1 for 5-port managed switch and wifi-bridge. Device is running 24h/day and most time it does nothing (except WIFI and switch), only take power. Unfortunly wireshark is very slow compared with legacy kernel and if I want to use quiccly webbrowser I must start my PC. Thats why I want to have hardware acceleration. In switch driver module B53_common.c I hope to activate local link layer like mainline. Then R1 for me is near perfect for this. OK, audio goes not over HDMI and second USB does not work.
  5. Hi Igor, many, many thanks, now legacy Debian works. Possible there is a new thermal issue or wrong detection bug. Only after reboot to desktop, 5 seconds later linux shoutdown, power off. If I wait 2 minutes then desktop starts normal. This effect I have not with older legacy images with hardware acceleration. Power is connected at battary connector, consumtion is the same at startup.
  6. Ethernet does not working for legacy kernel + desktop, generated by Igors build tool: ARMBIAN 5.27 stable Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS 3.4.113-sun7i. Same effect with Debian. Wifi works. In running wireshark on lamobo R1 I can see all network broadcasts (dst-MAC ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff) but no unicast. For example DHCP request never receive response. Not any frames from R1 seen in network. Is this behavior known, or is there a solution?
  7. Hallo Flashbanger, R1 works with this VLAN-DSA examples more like a hardware based unmanaged switch. You can check this using filetransfer between two independ ethernet devices for example at lan3 and lan4. The system load at R1 ( top ) should be unchanged. I have seen this at green led (activity led) too, i have changed led-settings in driver B53_common.c. In dsa - driver, sorry i dont know, how to set back in unmanaged mode after initialization.
  8. Aha, /etc/network/if-pre-up.d/dsa is called for $IFACE eth0, --all, br0, wlan0 and lo I have added at top of dsa to avoid execute more than ones. [ "$IFACE" == "eth0" ] || exit 0
  9. I have seen, at startup my script /etc/network/if-pre-up.d/dsa is called 5 times from different tasks. 4 times with execution overlapp. This makes trouble. What can be the reason and how can I prevent the script from execution, more than one time?
  10. Prima, seems to work with 2,2kOhm. Now driver for Mali and hardware accelerated video and all perfect for R1.
  11. I dont know, how to deactivate eth0 or forwarding in u-boot. Settings possible available on USB (OTG) I remember. My Linux know how is low. I have problems with lldpd and lldpad, maybe it will make effects in other programs too: - lldpad can not save own port parameter if port have a dot in name. It is a feature from used parameter function. So I have renamed eth0.101 in eth0x101, ..., its a workaround. - lldpd and lldpad think eth0.101 ... is true VLAN. Information get by ioctl(). But it is not so and both servers fails with later and skip this ports. I have deactivated in lldpd/lldpad source files. But I think, it is not the correct linux way.
  12. Possible there is misssing "ip link set br1 up" ? ... ip link set br1 up ip link set wan up ... lan1-4 and wan only need to address and set PVID and VLAN table entries. Have you checked correct work with wireshark at eth0.105? There should be never seen frames in and out from other ports. But another interesting point is the startup of R1. Have you deactivated switch forwarding in u-boot?
  13. Yes, the same result I had some days bevor with similary initialization.
  14. I have checked packed loss. - No packed loss at my BPiR1 board over two ports. PC--- wan BPiR1 lan4---RaspPi3. SMB-protocol, 1 GB file. ~11MB/s. In this mode there is no CPU interaction, only switch. - No packed loss over CPU. PC--- wan BPiR1---SATA. SMB-protocol, 1 GB file. ~16MB/s. - The R1 should work without VLAN in switch mode, but I dont know, how to do this over DSA or other way. - WLAN is not stable at my R1. And is not stable on RaspPi3 and not stable on Wandboard Quad (NXP).
  15. - If you only want forward all frames from one port to each other (controled by BCM53125 dynamic MAC table) like a unmanaged switch you do not need VLAN. If you want to have a switch for LLDP or other local link layer protocol, the cpu-port need the information, from which port a telegram is coming. The BCM53125 only have the VLAN tag to insert the port information in a frame. If you give all ports the unique VLAN 1, they have all the same source tag. Same problem with router over wan port. This needs different port VLAN ID too, to address the frames from cpu port to wan port and lan to cpu port and so on. - Chips VLAN filtering is enabled, maybe in U-Boot not, because I have seen, all packets are forwarded to all ports for some seconds. - Loss of telegrams inside Linux you can try to watch with snmp statistic over all layers. - VID 1 is set initial by driver, I think to avoid forwarding from each port to other. I have removed VID 1 all times because I was not able to read back all switch internal settings ( VLAN table entries forward map, ... ). Loss of packets I will check here too. If I put my init commands in DSA-file, then switch starts strange. Can you try to put all after startup in root shell to compare?
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