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  1. Hi there Community! Can someone please inform why Buster Minimal images based on Kernel 5.3 are showing as unsupported for OrangePi Zero, although they are available for (nightly) download? Can I offer any help testing or something? Thanks.
  2. @Igor Don't get me wrong, but are you sure it's not otherwise? After updating my A20-Lime from Armbian 5.25 (mainline) to latest stable version (5.35) through `apt upgrade`, I got precisely the same error as the OP with kernel 4.13.16. If I'm reading well, the problem described in the OP is precisely with mainline kernel @ version 5.35, stating the legacy kernel @ version 5.35 works just fine. Checking your patch @ git, are sure you shouldn't apply that patch also to A20-Lime? You seem to have forgotten that board...
  3. @Igor Can you share NEXT linux-headers and linux-image for A20 Lime1, so I can also test that fix? I couldn't find it @ http://beta.armbian.com/pool/main/l/linux-upstream/
  4. I've just tried to reproduce the problem with a 15cm cable... It still happens easily. In my case, I don't think it's related with power supply but I'll try to clear that out in the lab. If it was, it should happen consistently with several USB devices overloading the power supply with the 4 CPU cores at 100% each, which never occurs.
  5. I brought a TTL adaptor from my company's lab and now I can confirm I'm having precisely the same problem described in the OP. I also found out this thread, which can be useful for other to better understand this issue: https://github.com/longsleep/build-pine64-image/issues/51 As I doubt I have a problem with the power supply I'm using, for now I decided to test another USB cable. After that, I'll make proper testings of all the components involved if I need it...
  6. Hi Zador, I'm still observing this behavior with Jessie's based Armbian 5.36, after having to run update-initramfs -u... Before that, I had no problem with reboots. After that, I have to unplug and replug power supply for the system to boot. I've just tried beta's 5.37 and the problem persists... Do you have any hint on the reason this is happening only after updating initramfs? Thanks.
  7. Hi guys! How far are we from next release to be Stretch based? What needs to be done? Is anyone coordinating those efforts? Is this a priority?
  8. Does anyone know if @Mike R9FT hack is still required with mainline Kernel 4.9 and later versions to enable RTS using GPIO for half-duplex RS485 adapters connected to UART ports without hardware RTS/CTS?
  9. I've just found the following update on this subject: http://www.spinics.net/lists/devicetree/msg169771.html It's already merged into mainline, but with something still missing.