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  1. Ahaha I try not to ^^ More seriously, I did everything in my power to recover the first box, but apparently there is nothing I can do to get it back on track (it does not boot ftom sd, impossible to flash, and boot from emmc result in a useless distro that does not take anything from usb port). I will try to do a last check on monday, and dump my config files here. Thank you very much for your support. Good point though, the frustration led me to invest in a rock64pro, and I will most likely use armbian on this one as well.
  2. I tried to install the image to my other box: -Changed path to the right dtb in uEnv -Updated from armbian with am;_autoscript -Reboot , changed he path to the right dtb in extlinux -Launched script Reboot... and box is now stuck on the H96pro+ logo (nothing happen until I put the SD back in). Which is exactly what happened with my previous box, but this time, I won't try the
  3. Thank you for your feedback. The thing is that, I have been able to flash another box (same model) in the exact same conditions. From what I can see, the problem is mostly that the box tries to boot disregarding what I am doing on the side (trying to flash it essentially), and apparently the boot process prevents the flashing process to happen. Hence I am stuck with a box that boots with a useless image (not the right dtb for the file, so basically it is just showing off the login screen, and I cannot interact with it), and that I cannot flash either, this is very frustrating. Bal
  4. Hi, thank you both for your answer @balbes150: I apologize for the tone of my previous text, it was not nice given the fact that most people here, and you first, are doing a great work, and provide it freely to the rest of the world. Instead of complaining I should look at how I can support the project, and write the documentation myself (actually I did it at some point, and it is still available on github, but not in a nice format and it is has not been updated since). I do not care much about doing errors requiring me to reflash my box, if at least I learn something in the p
  5. Ok looks like I bricked my box forever with that method of installation ( with s912-uboot copied as uboot.img). The firmware flash procedure does not even work anymore now. I now need to shortcut some pins from the emmc to start the flash process, and after that amlogic usb burning tools stops at 7%. It might be that pluging in the power source causes the system to boot, interrupting the interaction with emmc, but I am not sure. Any idea how to fix this, by forcing erasing of the emmc (even physically if possible). I still have another S912 box, but keepi
  6. @balbes150 So I used the Update app from android with the from the 5.71 image. After the automatic reboot, I tried to install to emmc with /root/ Now box is stuck on logo (H96 pro+) when I boot without SD card If I put the SD card back, then I boot again with linux I tried from there to run the install directly from the armbian-config, and at the reboot nothing changed, I still have the same behaviour In addition to that, the 5.71 image (and meson-gxm-q200 dtb) does not look like it is delivered with any kind of wifi module. The
  7. I tried installing using armbian-config tool, and of course it does not work any better. Ii is extremely hard for me to understand why I managed to make my box to run perfectly in 2017 with a 3.14 kernel, installing armbian to emmc without a single problem, running with wifi and everything. But now in 2018 with all the supposedly bugfixes, I did not managed to get everything to work but the SD boot, without wifi, and that required me some more work, like using the aml_autoscript. Some people talk about the aml_update, that was apparently mandatory at some point, but is not delivere
  8. The wifi_dummy trick does not work anymore with recent version of armbian (I am using 5.71) what is the new trick @balbes150 thank you in advance for your help
  9. @hojnikb I have exactly the same problem with 5.71, did you mnaged to find a solution ? I was initially using script flawlessly, then I had to use the create-mbr script and install script. Now I have to install the aml_script and then the install .sh script and I do not even manage to understand why it doesn't work. I now fear each version change like it is pure evil because everytime it takes me 1 or 2 full days to understand how the new setup procedure works, and of course, there is a high chance that I brick my box everytime.
  10. I just launched the update with aml_autoscript. Does it even make sense that gparted id reporting this structure ? I will try to launch the script (install 2018 complained about Not found new u-boot so I guess I have to use the other one) Thank you very much balbes for your help
  11. Thank you very much @balbes150 for maintaining such a cool project. Last time I used Armbian, It was enough for me to run the create-mbr script + script. I want armbian to run from emmc and I don't care about android or multiboot. So I have k two questions: -1 What is multiboot, is it compulsory ? -2 @balbes150 From the image v 5.71 that I have, it looks like /boot/create-mbr-linux does not exist anymore, can you please update this post, it looks misleading to me (I previously ricked my box because I missed this step)
  12. Upgraded to 5.71 today. Cannot conect any usb device (or at least I did not managed to connect my usb keyboard) to my H96 pro+ with meson_q200 dtb. What is wrong ? Edit: Ok, just take a look at the first post of this thread.
  13. Good news, I bought a USB A male to USB A male on a Win10 64bits, and I was able to unbrick my H96pro+ box, following a tutorial like this one:
  14. Ok so, you made me realize that it is actually possible to brick a box only by messing with disk formatting. I first though that, as with a regular computer, only firmware upgrade can brick the mother board. I'll be taking a look at proper firmware flash on freaktab. But from what I have seen one should not expect a high success rate from this method.
  15. I might be able to get a ddbr recovery file. Could you point me to a link that explains with details how to dump those recovery data on thev bricked boxes ? Thank you in advance for you help.