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  1. To get what you want you should build it yourself. It is really easy now that These folks here have done all the heavy lifting for us. https://docs.armbian.com/Developer-Guide_Build-Preparation/ And you should donate some funds to the project if you are going to use the work.
  2. I saw no wifi improvement between the two versions. The wifi is only used by 1 or 2 people standing 10 feet or less from the zero and the files are small.
  3. There is 10 1.1 and 6 1.4 They all run the older kernel. I found code on the forum which kills all but one core, and slows down the ram, made them "stable" Not able to get to it now, only access to zeros is from the local network at the NOCs Will check my notes when I go back to town
  4. I have 16 zero running 24/7 the only way they stay "online" is with it set to off. Otherwise they drop off after a few hours of inactivity.
  5. Some accept unix files convert them into CSV and make them available to a android app. Some take in KML / XML / text files and convert them and make them available to a android app.
  6. OK I moved the zero plus H3 to about 10 meters with two walls in the path I ran Ping with and without PM. I see the same thing you see high ping times with pw enabled, PM is enabled on reboot ping_from_0plusH3_PM_off.txt ping_from_0plusH3_PM_on.txt
  7. Not a very good signal, alot of noise, switch channels I will post some test from a Zero Plus H3 later, but I do not see this from my zero's (but my wifi signal is MUCH cleaner)
  8. Do you have a punch list of what you would like tested / how you want the tests be run? Just installing and running does not really provide much info.
  9. https://www.armbian.com/orange-pi/ The mainline server is 4.11.... yes older boards are "phased out" You could check to see if you can build a desktop mainline..but do you know if the hardware is supported for AP mode (not all wi-fi can run in AP mode) and if the board has support in the mainline.
  10. Hillz the zero wi-fi is slow, but that is very slow, check the channel you are using make sure to use the cleanest one. the stock antenna are crap replace. at 30 feet with two walls under heavy load I see 3~4 meg transfer, with small text files I see much faster speeds. If you use a usb wi-fi make sure you have a GOOD 5 v / 2~3 amp PSU
  11. can you reproduce the error in a fresh build?? if not then it is not a software issue (bad sd card???) reproduce the error on a fresh build using another GOOD sd card. if you can reproduce the error, post logs, make of sd card, make of psu...so on give the folks here the help they need to help you.
  12. start here... https://forum.armbian.com/index.php?/topic/3243-orange-pi-zero-wireless-module-status-xradio-st-cw1200/ the zero works fine in IoT projects, thing is some folks think a cheap 7.00 board can replace 200.00 of x86 gear. ap limit of 5 connections, weak wi-fi signal, crappy stock antenna, weak psu = failure before they start Igor did build a 4.1x image with wi-fi it is linked here
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