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  1. i am trying to install the MFC-L2710DW printer on the pc in question, but it is not recognized by the cups database. I also tried to install the printer-driver-brlaser package (where there is the driver for the mfc-l2710dw), but it's as if it wasn't installed. how should I do the cups setting. the s.o. it is armbian buster xfce. the printer is connected with both USB and wifi
  2. I've already tried. the package does not exist. I tried instead with the ubuntu version "bionic" where it exists: but it doesn't work correctly on the latest versions, as explained on some sites. An alternative solution, without inserting them in fstab, exists? maybe with some udev rule (as I've seen, but not understood), even if it doesn't seem the best.
  3. I installed the "buster" version on the orange board PI PC. I would like to set it as a dlna server. I have installed package minidlna, but it doesn't automatically mount the hard disks (formatted NTFS) inserted on the USB ports. what should I do ?
  4. I would install mate on orange pi pc more starting from the server version. someone tell me step by step how to do. Thank you.