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  1. I guess you can make a symbolic link, a shortcut from your home folder that points t te SD card. Note that you'll have to delete your home folder before running the command. If you do not delete ir beforehand, you'll end up with a folder like this: /home/home ln -s /home [YOUR SD CARD PATH]
  2. Thanks for your guide! May I suggest that you publish it on the tutorials section? This way it will be more organized and accessible.
  3. From the docs: https://docs.armbian.com/User-Guide_Fine-Tuning/#how-to-alter-cpu-frequency Be advised, the frequencies must be multiples of 24.
  4. After setting up my static IP address, I can't SSH or Ping to the board anymore. The board shows up on my router list of connected devices, and the Pi Hole works normally. I flashed a new SD card and went step by step to see what was causing the problem. I resize the filesystem, update and upgrade the system, then I set up the static IP, so this happens. I tried both by /etc/netwkork/interfaces and by nmtui. This is what my /etc/network/interfaces file looks like: auto lo iface lo inet loopback iface eth0 inet static address netmask gateway
  5. No luck, both renaming and not renaming nvram. Guess I'll use a USB adapter until the next update.
  6. Here is the link for the output of armbianmonitor, @Igor. http://sprunge.us/HDOj
  7. Theoretically Armbian supports wifi on BPI M2+ since v5.13. I'm on v5.25 desktop version, bluetooth works but no wifi. Do I need to install any drivers?
  8. Lukasz helped me on facebook. Turns out that powering up through micro USB solved the problem, have no idea why though.
  9. I received today my BPI M2+, however, I cannot make it boot. I tried both Diet Pi and Armbian Server. No boot. The red LED is on all the time. I'm using a Samsung EVO 32 GB SD card flashed with Etcher on Ubuntu. My power supply is a 5v 3A barrel connector. Since the usual suspects are not the cause, I have no idea what might be going wrong.
  10. I'm trying to set up my OPI PC+ with a static IP address on wlan, but it doesn't seen to be working. This is my /etc/network/interfaces file: allow-hotplug wlan0 iface wlan0 inet static address netmask gateway dns-nameservers wpa-conf /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf I tried both with wpa supplicant line commented and non commented, but every time I boot up the board, it is still with the DHCP address.
  11. So, I'm interested in this board but waiting for a little more of.....support. There is a guy on the feedback section of the AliExpress page saying he managed to boot a NanoPi A64 Ubuntu img on the Win board. I was wondering, what are the imgs that might be functional on this board? NanoPi A64, Pine64, BPI M64? I know that lot of the stuff will not work, but anyway, is this possible?
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